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Happy Tuesday and welcome to This Week’s Escapes!

There are some AMAZING new books this week that you will want to get your hands on. I am featuring just a few, but there are so many more that you can find here as well.

Make sure to check all of them out and grab up some new reads for the week.




Latest Reviews

  • My Review: Love Happens Anthology

    Fifteen authors come together to celebrate Autism Awareness month with proceeds benefiting SARRC and Myles-A-Part.

    Love Happens features stories about finding love, falling in love and being in love.

  • My Review: Play Along by TL Swan

    I witnessed a murder and became his hostage.

    Held captive beneath the deck of a shipping container…. I realise to save my life I need to become valuable.
    My body is my only weapon.
    His pleasure to my pain.

    28 days is a long time to Play Along with his perverted demands.

  • My Review: Revelry by Kandi Steiner

    Wren Ballard is trying to find herself.

    She never expected to be divorced at twenty-seven, but now that the court date has passed, it’s official. The paperwork is final. Her feelings on it aren’t

  • My Review: Bound by Stephie Walls

    I want to prove my worth, show them what I have.
I may be flawed; we all are.
But I’m smart, driven, and ready to take on the world.
No one needs to know the rest.

  • My Review: This Isn’t Fair, Baby by K. Webster

    The king in my world fell and a new one slid into place.
    He wasn’t just.
    He wasn’t FAIR.
    He was cruel and hateful and twisted.

    But I had this black king figured out.
    Or so I thought.

  • My Review: Where Good Girls Go to Die

    It was a bad idea from the beginning.

    He was my brother’s best friend and the definition of unavailable.

    But I didn’t care.

    I had loved him for as long as I could remember.

    He was worth the risk. He was worth everything.

  • My Review: Third and Long by Kata Cuic

    Not everyone plays by the rules.

    Eva Papageorgiou has it all: the popularity that always felt so elusive in high school, looks that men can’t ignore, and a boyfriend that other women covet. She’s gorgeous, powerful; she has the world at her fingertips.

    And it’s all a lie.

  • My Review: Mister Moneybags by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

    I met Bianca in an elevator.

    She was on her way to interview me when we got stuck.
    The beautiful raven-haired reporter assumed I was a delivery guy because of the way I was dressed.

    She had no clue I was really Dex Truitt, the wealthy, successful businessman she’d dubbed “Mister Moneybags”―her afternoon appointment.

  • My Review: Heph by Elda Lore

    This modern tale of Hephaestus, the metal working god, rights the wrong of a crippled man failed at love. Here the flaming passion he deserved as an under-recognized god is written in a new fashion with the fiery spirit of a woman who ignites true love between these twin flames.

  • My Review: Bad Bad Bad by K. Webster

    Two interconnected stories. Two taboo treats.
    These novellas are extremely hot and jam packed with insta-love. They’re MAJORLY taboo so if you have triggers about age and deviant acts, please don’t read this. I can’t be held responsible for corrupting you. If you have a taste for all things naughty, then you’re going to devour these taboo treats!

  • My Review: Stripped Bare by Heidi McLaughlin

    They don’t call it the Strip for nothing. . . .

    In this sinfully sexy Las Vegas romance from bestselling author Heidi McLaughlin, a man who has it all reunites with a woman who takes it all off.

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