• Cover Reveal: Label Me Proud by Stephie Walls

    …I’m in love with my best friend.
    …And I think I’m too late.

  • Cover Reveal: Vlad by K. Webster and Ker Dukey

    The Vasiliev name is a powerful one.
    We rule with an iron fist and we do it well.
    Being the eldest, I am Father’s best hope at keeping us at the top of the food chain.

    Everything I do has purpose.
    Everything I do has reason.
    Until her.

  • My Review: Just an Illusion – Unplugged by D. Kelly

    ​“One day you’re going to meet someone who makes you question everything you thought about yourself. I can’t wait to see it happen and watch you learn to let someone into your world.”

    Sawyer Weston is cocky and arrogant. With his sinful smile and sexy dimples, he’s gotten his way most of his life. Infamous for his one-night stands and moves between the sheets, the lead singer for Bastards and Dangerous has never considered relationships—until he meets her.

  • Cover Reveal: Hunter by Eden Summers

    The hunter has become the hunted. 
    I’ve been running for ten years—fleeing my past and clawing my way toward an inescapable act of vengeance. Finally, I can taste revenge on the tip of my tongue.
    Until he walks into my life, sure and strong and full of secrets.

  • Cover Reveal: Waterfall Effect by K.K. Allen

    Lost in the shadows of a tragedy that stripped Aurora June of everything she once loved, she’s back in the small town of Balsam Grove, North Carolina, ready to face all she’s kept locked away for seven years. Or so she thinks.

  • Cover Reveal: Regret by Max Henry

    Four simple rules when you’re a woman in denial:
    1. Don’t stalk your father’s best friend online….

  • Cover Reveal: Breathe You by Celeste Grande

    When past and present collide…

    And second chances aren’t promised.

  • My Review: My Torin by K. Webster

    “I don’t know how to love.”
    “Love isn’t something you can control. It controls you. Fills you up and infects every part of you until all you can do is just live and breathe it every second of every day.”
    “Sounds like a disease.”
    “Love is a cure.

    I’m a freak, a misfit, an odd end.
    Abandoned and unloved.
    But my happiness is so close I can taste it.

    Until he shows up.

  • Cover Reveal: My Torin by K. Webster

    I’m a freak, a misfit, an odd end.
    Abandoned and unloved.
    But my happiness is so close I can taste it.

    Until he shows up.

  • My Review: Rewrite by Stephanie Rose

    “A boy meets a girl in kindergarten. She’s sweet and pretty and he wants to beat up anyone who makes her cry. And he does. She laughs and she gives him her lunch. They don’t know it yet, but they fall in love. For life.”

    Once upon a time, a girl loved a boy and he loved her back. They lived happily ever after.

    But our story was never that simple.

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