• My Review: More Than Words by Mia Sheridan

    “I’d spent my life rejecting miracles. I’d spent my life snubbing fate. I’d spent my life sending boats away. One after the other. Fate hadn’t given up on me, though. Fate had sent Jessie over and over again, and, God, I wanted to be worthy of the gift.”

    The moment she met Callen Hayes, eleven-year-old Jessica Creswell knew he was a broken prince. Her prince. They became each other’s refuge, a safe and magical place far from their troubled lives. Until the day Callen kissed her–Jessica’s first real, dreamy kiss–and then disappeared from her life without a word.

  • Cover Reveal: Sunshine and the Stalker by K. Webster and Dani René

    Dating is difficult for someone like me.
    I’m obsessive, arrogant, and rude.
    This means I must be creative when bedding a woman.
    I learn what I can about her through whatever means necessary.
    Some call it stalking. I call it clever research.

  • My Review: Mr. Masters by T L Swan

    “How much seduction can a man take before he f**** his nanny on his kitchen floor?"

    He was powerful, older and my boss, a lethal combination.
Job satisfaction has taken on a whole new meaning.

  • My Review: Midlife Crisis by L. B. Dunbar

    “...he can’t have you. You were made for me. You’re my cupcake, and only I get to sample you.”

    I’m forty-one today.
    It’s my birthday,
    And I’m crying over burnt toast.
    That’s not some euphemism.
    Literally, I’m sobbing over stupid bread,
    so I call a crisis center.
    I just need someone to talk to about life.
    Only I recognize the smoky voice of the man on the line.
    In the name of all things, don’t let it be…

  • My Review: Evol by Cynthia A. Rodriguez

    “I don’t want a hurt to match my own. I want a love to soothe it.”

    Denise and Gavin are over.

    381 days into their love affair, Gavin shut the door and Denise is all alone.

    At day 380, Denise is trying to figure out how to salvage what’s left of their relationship and by day 200, they are even happier than the day they met; day 1 when Denise knows beginnings are merely endings in disguise.

    But what doesn’t kill us will break our hearts.

  • Cover Reveal: One Week by Roya Carmen

    One week. Sex only. No contact thereafter. Seems simple enough, but it’s never simple when it comes to love.

  • My Review: Rebel Heart by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

    “...you’re supposed to be looking at me. And I’m supposed to be looking at you the way I do. Because you’re my person, Rush. And I’m yours.”

    How to screw up a great summer in the Hamptons:
    Sleep with your boss. Check.
    Blow all your money on a rental you can’t afford. Check.
    How to walk away from a man you fall in love with at the end of a summer:
    …I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

  • My Review: Bittersweet Surrender by Q. B. Tyler

    “We’re not just playing with fire, we’re right in the middle of an inferno.”

    “I was in a relationship with two men and neither were giving me up.”

    …They say love is patient and kind of course, but what happens when that love comes at the cost of everything?

    Love was a force that took no prisoners when it decided to strike and Charlotte had been hit—hard.

    By a man that wasn’t her husband.

  • My Review: Simmer by Stephanie Rose

    “Nothing we do could be wrong if we’re together. Numbers don’t matter, not in time or age. What we have is timeless.”

    My life was always at a simmer… only stewing, never going anywhere. I was left to fend for myself when it came to affection or love, so I learned to go without.

  • My Review: Pieces of Eight by Whitney Barbetti

    “One day, when my body is six feet under and covered in dirt and grass, when my skin has turned to ash, and all I am is dust in a wood and metal box, I will still be someone you loved once. And that will be enough. It will have to be.”

    Six was always there, even when I didn’t want him.
    But he couldn’t hold me together, and I couldn’t be his penance.
    Loss is a phantom limb. No one can see it, but the ache torments you in the night, distracts you during the day, and leaves you fragmented. I’m half a heart, half a soul, and nothing could cure the pieces he’d left behind.

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