• My Review: Where Bad Girls Go To Fall by Holly Renee

    “I don’t cuddle during chick flicks. I need room to get all the feels.”

    Nothing good came from listening to my heart.
    It was careless and irrational and became way too invested when I read a romance novel.
    So I put her under lock and key.

  • My Review: Crazy Sexy Love by K. L. Grayson

    “You’re worth so much more than the buckle or the bull or the adrenaline rush. I can live without those things, but not without you...”

    My Review Crazy Sexy Love by Author K. L. Grayson is a standalone, second chance romance. “Claire and her mother know a little of what happened between Rhett and me, but they don’t know the whole story, and it’s going to stay that way. Some secrets are better left tucked away in a dark closet.” […]

  • My Review: What He Doesn’t Know by Kandi Steiner

    “A touch. A sigh. A man. A woman. Fingertips and lips. Moans and breaths. Old longings brought to life with new fervor, new discoveries uncovered with old, shaking hands. Freedom. Passion.”

    They say there are two sides to every story, and I suppose in most cases, that’s true. But the one I live inside of? It has three.

    On the northeast side of town, there is a house.
    But there is no longer a home.

  • My Review: Renner’s Rules by K. Webster

    “All it would take would be for me to lean in and kiss her supple lips.  One tiny kiss and I’d be so far down the rabbit hole, I’d never climb back out.”

    I’m a bad girl.
    I was sent away.
    New house. New rules. New school.
    Change was supposed to be…good.

    Until I met him.

    No one warned me Principal Renner would be so hot.

  • My Review: Waterfall Effect by K.K. Allen

    “I don’t know why you decided to come back,” he murmurs lowly. “All I know is that you’re here now.” My heart squeezes. “You may feel like you’ve lost yourself, Aurora. That you’ve grown distant from the things you once loved. But it’s not too late to reclaim your life. Let me help you.”

    Lost in the shadows of a tragedy that stripped Aurora June of everything she once loved, she’s back in the small town of Balsam Grove, North Carolina, ready to face all she’s kept locked away for seven years. Or so she thinks.

  • My Review: Hunter by Eden Summers

    “I hope you like it rough.” I shudder. “And what if I don’t?” His gaze glides to mine as a lone finger parts my slick folds. “Then I’ll enjoy changing your mind.”

    The hunter has become the hunted. 
    I’ve been running for ten years—fleeing my past and clawing my way toward an inescapable act of vengeance. Finally, I can taste revenge on the tip of my tongue.
    Until he walks into my life, sure and strong and full of secrets.

  • My Review: Love Broken by J. D. Hollyfield

    My name is Katie Beller, but the world, as of late, knows me as Bailey Swan, the love guru behind my bestselling book.

    Want the shortened version? Here it is:

    Love was stupid.
    A fake. A farce
    Love was broken.

  • My Review: Vlad by K. Webster and Ker Dukey

    “I’ll bring her into my dark world where pain is the king over pleasure. He rules with an iron fist. And pleasure bends to the will of pain. I will show her my kingdom. She will be my queen.”

    The Vasiliev name is a powerful one.
    We rule with an iron fist and we do it well.
    Being the eldest, I am Father’s best hope at keeping us at the top of the food chain.

    Everything I do has purpose.
    Everything I do has reason.
    Until her.

  • My Review: Breathe You by Celeste Grande

    “I wouldn’t care if you were particles of dust scattered in grains of sand. I’d still fix you.”

    When past and present collide…

    And second chances aren’t promised.

  • My Review: Memphis by Ginger Scott

    “I will wait until you believe I won’t break that promise. Breaking you, Liv, would be one of the biggest regrets of my life. And I just don’t do regrets.”

    My mom always said it was just something about the way he moved.
    The same swagger Archie Valentine wore in the ring when he took his opponents down followed him like a halo everywhere he went. But make no mistake about it—he was no angel. He was like a drug. My mother was his addict.

  • My Review: Gods & Monsters by Saffron A. Kent

    “...legends don’t die. Our story’s gonna live forever. Abel and his Pixie.”

    …the thing about legends is that they are cautionary tales. They are made of choices and mistakes. And for Abel and Evie, the artist and the muse, those mistakes come in the form of lights, camera, sex.

  • My Review: Gentleman Nine by Penelope Ward

    “Whenever we were in the same room, I could feel myself getting turned on from just thinking about the prospect of getting to have sex with her. The fact that she somehow felt it was wrong, made me want it even more. The more forbidden, the sweeter the fruit.”

    Growing up, the three of us were friends.
    He was the nerd.
    I was the playboy.
    She was the beauty.

    Deep down, I only ever wanted her. I kept it inside because Rory and I made a pact that our friend, Amber, was off-limits.

    He lied.

  • My Review: Just an Illusion – Unplugged by D. Kelly

    ​“One day you’re going to meet someone who makes you question everything you thought about yourself. I can’t wait to see it happen and watch you learn to let someone into your world.”

    Sawyer Weston is cocky and arrogant. With his sinful smile and sexy dimples, he’s gotten his way most of his life. Infamous for his one-night stands and moves between the sheets, the lead singer for Bastards and Dangerous has never considered relationships—until he meets her.

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