• My Review: Don’t Speak by Katy Regnery

    “...wherever you go, I go. Wherever you are, I’m home. And whatever happens, we’ll handle it together. Our rules."

    In this modern retelling of The Little Mermaid, a fisherman’s daughter from an Outer Banks island untouched by time, meets the son of the North Carolina governor at a fancy party where she is working.

  • My Review: Dark Protector by Celia Aaron

    "You’re mine. You’ve always been mine. I just had to find you.”

    From the moment I saw her through the window of her flower shop, something other than darkness took root inside me. Charlie shone like a beacon in a world that had long since lost any light. But she was never meant for me, a man that killed without remorse and collected bounties drenched in blood.

  • My Review: After You by Stephanie Rose

    "...when my eyes locked with yours, I knew. It was the thunderbolt my grandpa always told me about. He said you'll never know when it will hit you, but when it does, you’re done for. I can't wait to tell him he was absolutely right."

    I had the happily ever after . . . until it was gone.
    Three became two. And I was alone.
    Our time—my time—was over. Alone was the right way to be. The only way. Life was me, my son, and my memories. Until the day I met someone who turned my lonely existence upside down.

  • My Review: The Truth About Lennon by K. L. Grayson

    "No wonder they call this place Heaven. He’s like an angel wrapped in denim and leather. And if that isn’t the most perfect kind of heaven, I don’t know what is."

    Lennon Barrick-St. James is making headlines as New York City’s hottest new socialite. Only she isn’t new at all. One well-intentioned night gone wrong has landed the daughter of the vice presidential candidate Christopher St. James on the front pages of every newspaper and magazine in the country.

  • My Review: Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward

    "He winked. It was amazing how one simple movement of his eyelid could do a multitude of things to my entire body. My physical reaction to him was certainly one thing that hadn’t changed a bit. I had no clue how I was going to survive this year."

    They called him Mack Daddy. No, seriously, his name was Mack. Short for Mackenzie. Thus, the nickname. Perfect, right?

    So was he: perfect. The perfect physical male specimen.

  • My Review: This Is Me, Baby by K. Webster

    One day, I will find exactly what she needs and I will give it to her. My heart. My soul. My devotion.

    The game was over and they stole the victory away from ME.
    Cheating. Lies. Corruption. Death.
    This pawn never stood a chance.
    But then he came for ME.
    He plucked ME from my nightmare and kept me safe.

    My heart was in tatters and my soul was lost.
    Until the beast in ME woke up.

  • My Review: War Poppy by Stevie J. Cole and L. P. Lovell (writing as Nicole Lynne)

    "I love you in a way that transcends life and death."

    I shouldn’t love him.

    I shouldn’t love her.

    Love is a war we never should have fought.

  • My Review: Chimera by Stephie Walls

    “Her fate was sealed long before she ever met you. You’re not the author of her story, nor the editor. You were simply a reader.”

    I couldn’t be anything other than a romantic at heart — it’s my nature, it’s who I am. But this isn’t a typical story of traditional love. It isn’t a fairy tale. No happily ever after neatly tied up with a shiny bow. It’s a memoir of the reality left behind in the wake of grief — the desolation, the resurrection, and final culmination life offers to the fallen.

  • My Review: Defy by L. J. Shen

    "...there was no denying it—I was allowing myself to free-fall headfirst into the end of my career, doing somersaults on my way down."

    My name is Melody Greene, and I have a confession to make.
    I slept with my student, a senior in high school.
    Multiple times.
    I had multiple orgasms.
    In multiple positions.
    I slept with my student and I enjoyed it.

  • My Review: Drowning by Marni Mann and Gia Riley

    "What I seek is Adrian's passion. The way he grips me unapologetically - not out of malice, but out of sheer want. Like he's trying to climb inside me and can't get close enough."

    Clay ran from his family, his career.
    From every dream he ever had.
    He ran until he crashed.

    Andi escaped the screams, the fists.
    The pain that knocked her down.
    She ran until she was thrown.

  • My Review: Fallen Woman by Stephie Walls

    I was reminded of how far I had to fall to appreciate the rise.

    Gianna LeBron grew up in poverty. Destined to change her circumstances and her zip code, she rises up from the inner-city streets with an Ivy League education and affluent husband. A few short years later, she’s alone with three children, destitute and desperate.

  • My Review: The Evolution of Ivy – Poison by Lauren Campbell

    "My mom had always told me I could be whatever I wanted on Halloween, and now I'm what I've wanted to be since before I even became ugly - a pretty girl."

    They won’t recognize the new me.
    But they know the old me well—the me she harmed, and the me he loved.
    She thinks she has him. But I’m going to take him back.
    He thinks she’s the one. But I’m going to show him he’s wrong.
    I thought it was over. But now I have a chance.

  • My Review: Solis by Elda Lore

    Veva Matron is a feisty girl raging with suppressed anger and distrust of men.
    Solis Cronus is a blindingly beautiful, Greek god of a guy, who likes to play women.
    An electric hatred thunders through each of them about the other until one night, lightning strikes.

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