The 18 for ’18 Reading Challenge

It’s here! Our reading challenge for the year. Check out the information below about our challenge and then make sure to join our reader group so that you can keep up with what other readers are reading and tell us about the books you’ve read.

Rules for the Reading Challenge

So that we all stay on the same page and are able to enjoy the challenge, there are some simple guidelines we can follow:

  • You must read one book for EACH number/category in the challenge.
  • You can read a novella for the challenge, BUT it must be a true novella, NOT a short story. Novellas are 18,000 – 39,999 words (approximately 72-160 pages).
  • Because we have such a wide range of books in the romance genre from which to read, each reader will be given one free pass to exempt themselves from a category that is a hard line for them; I don’t want anyone to feel as if they cannot participate in the challenge.

Posting About Books

You are welcome to post in our group about books you have read for the challenge.  As you finish books that fit in each category, you can:

I'm Up For The Challenge

  • Post a pic of your book in the group. Feel free to add the challenge number and category name for your book as well as book title and author name to your post. You can also tell us about how the book made you feel. Just remember, no purchase links and no spoilers.
  • In addition to posting pics for us on the main page, you can add the book title and author under the correct category in our reader group files:
    You can actually edit the document to add your book or just leave the book in the comments under the correct file. Be sure to include the book title and author name.

Some people may want to know how to keep track of the books you have read for the challenge. You can make a specific shelf for these books on Goodreads, you can put them in a category on your Kindle, or just use good, old-fashioned pen and paper.

At the end of the year, for every reader who has finished the challenge, your name will be put in the hat for a great prize. So exciting!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me by email or on any of my social media sites. I’m excited for the great reads ahead.

I’m Up for the Challenge

I love sharing my current reads with everyone. This year, I thought it might be helpful and fun to share with you all the books I’m reading for our challenge as I check them off of my list.  As always, I will share books in each category that became great escapes for me and that I truly think you would enjoy.  Click here to follow my progress through the challenge »

The 17 for '17 Reading Challenge

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