Blog Tour and My Review: Enshrine by Chelle Bliss

Blog Tour and My Review:  Enshrine by Chelle BlissEnshrine by Chelle Bliss
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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I thought I knew what was important, but one phone call sent my life into a tailspin. Alone and afraid, I clung to the one man I shouldn’t. I was warned about him and told to stay away. “He’s dangerous,” they said. But the man who could hurt me the most, gave me the greatest comfort. "He's not who they think," I told myself. But just like an illusion, things are never what they seem.

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Review

“Think of the future and don’t look back.”

Enshrine is a standalone novel by Author Chelle Bliss. It is a contemporary, friends to lovers romance that will plant and secure itself deep in your reader’s thoughts and spirit.

“We all have a moment, the one where we face whatever it is in front of us and either have to push through or give up.”

Sometimes you find a book that is the mirror of your soul, reflecting your most inward and deep meditations, and you connect with it instantly. I knew from the opening pages of Enshrine that this was going to be “one of ‘those’ books”. The kind that would rip my heart out, make my eyes swollen for days, and my appetite non-existent; a book I’d never forget. This book ran deep. I felt it all the way down to the tips of my toes. It went too fast and yet not rapidly enough, holding my heart in a steady grip with each successive word.

“Bruno is the sun that scatters the rays in my world, driving away the dark and shining the beautiful light on my life.”

The main characters in Enshrine enthralled me. Callie was the epitome of feminine grit with grace. She was tenacious. But, she retained the qualities in life that made her soft and tempting. Bruno was attentive, sweet, and quite the alpha-male. He treasured Callie and helped her continue to believe in herself. The connection these two had was so distinct and strong. It was seemingly unbreakable by both time and space.

“When going into battle, it’s good to have an ally who scares the sh** out of everyone.”

In addition to Callie and Bruno, other characters came into play that brought new and expansive dimensions. I can honestly say that the story would not have been the same without them. They were a continuum of the light and life that Callie and Bruno brought into the Enshrine world.

“Only the night shows the true beauty of the sunlight.”

Although I cried throughout most of the book, make no mistake, it was not all a one-sided emotion. The storyline gave way to so many feelings and thoughts, as it presented unprecedented highs and lows. It was a refreshing baptism of tears that ended in euphoria. I was privileged to have read this book, and feel appreciative to Author Chelle Bliss for presenting such a pure and honest novel.

“Thank you for bringing the light into my darkened world. Remember that, without it, the little things wouldn’t be as sweet.”


Becca, my best friend, snaps her fingers in my face. “Cal, are you listening to me?”

I smile and nod, but her words are distant. I’ve looked at my phone at least fifty times today. I’m on pins and needles waiting for an important phone call. One that could change my life, and I haven’t told a soul about itnot even Becca. Telling people makes it real, and I’m not ready to face the possibility I could have more important things to deal with than which pair of shoes to wear with my favorite Donna Karan dress.

“So what do you think?” Becca asks.

I blink a few times and pretend I heard her question. “You should do it.”

“Okay,” she says and hops off the stool.

I grab her hand, holding her next to me so I can find out exactly what I told her to do. “Where are you going?”

“I asked if I should try to fuck ‘The Butcher.’”

My mouth drops open and my eyes grow as wide as saucers. “Becca!” I yell and wrap my fingers around her hand. “Sit your ass down.” I glance over my shoulder, following her eyes to where he sits.

“He’s always looking over here, ogling you. I thought maybe he’d take the next best thing.”

I gawk at her, completely in shock. “You can’t be fucking serious.”

Slowly, she walks backward toward her seat. “I’m just kidding, asshole. You acted like you were listening, but you didn’t hear a damn thing. I just thought I’d fuck with you.”

“I’m sorry.” The guilt of ignoring her eats at me, and even though I want to tell her what’s going on, I don’t dare. “And for your information, Bruno isn’t ogling me.”

She fiddles with her cosmopolitan. “I think you should get your eyes checked next time you’re at the doctor, Cal. He’s always watching you. It’s sexy, but it also creeps me the fuck out. He’s so dangerous.”

I laugh, playing it off, but I’ve noticed it too. “Is he looking over here now?” I ask, refusing to turn around to look for myself.

She leans forward, her eyes peering behind me. “He is. He’s not taking his eyes off us either.”

“He probably thinks we’re trouble or something,” I say and hope she drops the topic because I’d rather find out what she was going on about before.

“You can pretend like you don’t think he’s hot, Cal, but I’ve seen you flirt with him more than once.”

I shake my head and chuckle softly. “Smiling and saying hello isn’t necessarily flirting.”

“He has a thing for you.”

“He probably has a thing for every girl in this place.”

“Nope.” She shakes her head vigorously and puckers her lips. “He wants you.”




5 Stars

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