Blog Tour: Professor Cline Redeemed by J. M. LaRocca

Blog Tour:  Professor Cline Redeemed by J. M. LaRoccaProfessor Cline Redeemed by J. M. La Rocca
Series: Professor #3
Publication Date: July 13, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Taboo
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The past never stays in the past. The pain, guilt, and darkness still flow through my veins and itch to come out. I’m not proud of my secrets, but I have never felt shame either…until her.
Emma makes me feel things I thought I’d become immune to. She makes me want to see light, to rid myself of my demons and it terrifies me.

There is so much from my past she doesn’t know. I told her I wasn’t good for her, that I’d ruin her, and I vowed to stay away. But I can’t get her off my mind.

I need her.

I need her in more ways than I knew were possible for me.
She is my saving grace and I’m ready for redemption.

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

My Review

“I loved once, but it was taken away from me.”

I have been salivating to get this book since finishing Professor Cline Revealed on release day. It has been torture, but I was glad to finally get the resolution.  Professor Cline Redeemed is the second book in the Professor series by J. M. LaRocca. It features a story of sex, love, thrills, mystery, and a fabulous twist of taboo.

“I didn’t know how to open myself up to someone else. I didn’t know how to let my mask fall.”

In Professor Cline  Revealed, we are totally hooked into Mason. He is a professor…hot. He is complicated…hot. And he has deep secrets that make him a character that cannot be explained away…hot.  So, opening the pages of  Professor Cline Redeemed, we are pleased to see the same brooding Mason. He continues to be the man with many unknowns and we hope that he finds a way to look beyond his tortured past.

“She was my redemption, the light at the end of the tunnel, and I craved it.”

Emma is also a returning character, and our main female lead.  In book one, she appears to be the young, college student who is entranced by the intellectually and physically endowed Mason Cline. However, much like Mason, in book two, we see a greater level of change in her character development, and it forces us to view her in a different light.

“You have one wild card you can use on me. Use it wisely.”

Professor Cline Redeemed was told in first person, dual points of view, from both Mason and Emma. At times, glimpses from the past were shared from Mason as well.  I would not have expected such an outwardly strong man like Mason to have the depth of anguish that he did internally; this was one particular characteristic about him that continued to be surprising. Emma was the such a good compliment to Mason, and gained such strength in this book.   Every page was filled with intensity; I was tightly strung waiting for the building pressure to explode. And when the end came, it just didn’t seem like enough.  I was sad to know that I would have to leave Emma, Mason, and all the other characters behind so quickly.  I am filled with hope that maybe one day Author J. M. LaRocca will give us another look at this series.

“Come to me Mason.  Let me be your distraction.”



Reaching under the covers, I ran a hand down the length of my cock and grabbed my balls, groaning at their tightness. I’d been lying in bed for the past half hour thinking about Emma.

The dream I’d woken from was so vivid in my mind. Her on her knees with my dick in her mouth, it was something I’d dreamed about many times, but this time was different. Her beautiful eyes stared up at me as she bobbed up and down, her spit shining off my skin like a beacon. The way she looked at me with want in her eyes as she enjoyed every inch I thrust into her mouth made me pump faster.

A blindfold was always in place with my conquests, never wanting my scars to be on display. Their hands were also held behind their back, so they didn’t grab on to me and feel the risen flesh from my scars.

It was the reason I did everything I did. I had secrets and I wanted them to stay hidden, but with Emma? With her, it was different. She’d seen my scars and all I could think of was her face. Every fantasy was with her in mind. She’d seen through my mask and for the first time, I saw light.

It terrified me. My whole life had been darkness. I didn’t know how to handle this new obsession I was beginning to obtain.

Wrapping my hand around my cock, I slowly stroked from base to tip and back again. Rolling the head of my cock in my hand, I kept picturing it down her throat.

I never thought I’d get to this point again. A point where all I’d think about was a woman. She consumed my thoughts just like Sophia did, but in a different way.

I wanted her to be consumed by thoughts of me, like I was of her. I wanted her to crave every inch of my body, like I did with her. I wanted her to need me, like I felt I needed her.

Squeezing my balls until I felt pain, I pumped faster and harder until my body tensed. I released all over my stomach and hands, groaning at every stroke against my sensitive head.

Letting out a heavy sigh, I closed my eyes and pictured Emma’s face. Staying away from her was what I should do. I’d told myself that many times. She didn’t need to be involved in anything that was going on in my life. After all, Donicko was up to something, and I still had no idea what that was.


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4 Stars

About J. M. La Rocca

J.M. La Rocca was born in Chicago, IL. At an early age, her family relocated to lower Alabama where she began her love for writing. She currently resides in Pensacola, FL with her husband and twin sons. As a stay at home mom, La Rocca was able to pursue her love for writing. It was always an unrealized dream to write her own books. With the love and support from her husband Tony, family, and friends, she set forth and fulfilled that dream.Aside from writing she also loves to read, listen to music, drink wine, indulge on chocolate, chase her little ones around, and spend time with her family and friends.

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