Blog Tour, Review, Excerpt, and Giveaway: My So Called Life by J. D. Hollyfield

Blog Tour, Review, Excerpt, and Giveaway:  My So Called Life by J. D. HollyfieldMy So Called Life by J. D. Hollyfield
Series: Love Not Included #3
Publication Date: May 19, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Friends to Lovers, Humor, Romance, Second Chance Romance
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Life couldn’t be any brighter for art dealer Christina Daniels. At the top of her career, she has no problem flaunting just how perfect her little world has become.

When tragedy strikes back home, Christina is forced to put everything on hold to return back to a past she’s tried so hard to escape. Including a love she regrets letting go.

Ian Whitman has only one regret and it was letting his first love walk out of his life. Now that she’s returned, his heart won’t give her up twice without a fight.

As secrets are revealed, can Ian soothe her heart while convincing her that a place she tried so hard to run away from is the place she’s destined to stay?

Will love get a second chance in the face of tragedy?

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Review

“ONCE UPON A TIME there was a girl who wished for something better. That girl was me and I got the he** out of fairyland and grew up as fast as I could.”

How do I even begin to put into words how much I loved this book.  My So Called Life is the first book I have read by J.D. Hollyfield. It was SDG (So Darn Good) and HHM (Heart-Happy Material). 

 “You can put a ton of years and a million miles between you and the one, but the heart doesn’t forget.”

Stories set in a small town are nostalgic and quaint. Thus begins our journey merely pages into My So Called Life. Christina Daniels has likely gotten a little too big for her britches. Funny things is, she kind of knows this. But, it is difficult for her to marry this life with her past one and still come out on top. Ian Whitman is the man she loved and left behind.  He is kind, sexy, and devoted. THE total man package. The story takes off with snark and laughter, hilarity, and crazy goodness. Then, woe! Reality is a shocker! Life is not always what it seems, and sometimes laughter can’t cover life’s challenges.  But, life always comes with redemption, we hope, and when mixed with fate and a glittering of destiny, we experience one of the best reads of the year.

“Whether you knew it first or not, our souls connected that day.  And I don’t think they ever let go.”

I adored this book!  No way around it. Every line was perfect. The humor wasn’t forced, but brought out easy laughs.  Pippa stole my heart at pampakes.  She was so cute; like pick you up and squeeze your little cheeks, cute. How do I sum up my feels for Ian? Scrumptious man-candy on a stick. Yep!  But, beyond the superficial, his caring and compassionate nature really gripped me and plucked the last note on my heartstrings that caused me to topple over the proverbial edge. Christina was a very unique and multi-dimensional character. She controlled the flow and pace of the story as she recounted all aspects of her previous and present life in a colorful and endearing manner.  Outside of the humor, there was one moment in which I was completely lost in the melancholy of the story and found myself sobbing uncontrollably for these characters, as if I had known them all of my life. And then it hit me, “This is what reading a great book is all about.”  Of course, every good romance story must have some shmexy, and My So Called Life did not disappoint.  I felt so invested in the story line, characters, and their lives that I experienced every triumph and tragedy with them from beginning to end and was left with an MBH (Major Book Hangover).   I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

“Sometimes life doesn’t take you down the road you wish it to. Sometimes life reroutes you down a path that forces you to take a bit longer to find your way to the perfect ending.”


Just as I place my pad of paper on the shelf to count the acrylic paint tubes, the door to the art closet flies open.

“Jesus Christ, Ian, you scared the shit outta me.” I press my hand to my chest. The look in his eyes says he doesn’t care too much about my well-being. Uh oh. It also looks like I may have over-poked the bear.

He steps into my personal space and presses his body into mine. The door automatically swings shut behind him.

“Ian?” I question.

“Chrissy?” he retorts back, his breathing already heavy with what seems like pure lust.

“Can I help you with something?” I take a deep breath, trying to calm the unsteady beat of my heart.

“Yeah, you can start by not leaving your god damn lingerie around for me to see. Unless you want me to finally break and do something about it?” He pushes himself harder into me.

And oh my god, he is definitely that. Hard.

“What are you doing?” I ask nervously.

“What I’ve been wanting to do since the moment you came back into my life.”

“And what exactly is that?” I choke out.

“Continue where we left off.”

And with that, he pulls me fully into his solid chest. The instant his lips touch mine, my knees buckle. This kiss—this powerful, overdue kiss— is going to literally bring me to my knees


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5 Stars

About J. D. Hollyfield

J.D Hollyfield currently resides in the Midwest with her husband, son and three doxies. As a Creative Designer by day, she enjoys spending her spare time with her nose in a good book. This obsession inspired her to test out her own creative ability. With her love for romance books and a head full of book boyfriends, this encouraged her to bring her own story to life and create her first novel.

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