Blog Tour: Sands of Time by K. D. Friedrich

Blog Tour:   Sands of Time by K. D. FriedrichSands of Time by K. D. Friedrich
Series: The Heart Falls Heroes
Publication Date: November 30, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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K. D. Friedrich is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Sands of Time, book 2 in her hot new series, The Heart Falls Heroes. Sands of Time is a contemporary romance set in a small Upstate New York town called Heart Falls, a town where heroes are born and passion is bred. This spicy romance tests the boundaries of trust, forgiveness, strength, passion, and most of all…love.

Once again, single mom Jade Santiago is trapped under her father’s firm hand. If her existence wasn’t complicated enough, her son’s father, John Sands, has popped back into her life. John doesn’t know JT is his son, and Jade plans to keep it that way. John’s ignorance ensures his protection from her abusive, vindictive father. Especially now that John works for him.

Bad-boy-turned-cop John Sands loves women, but hates relationships. At least, that was, until Jade Santiago came back to town. Now he wants things. Things like family and commitment. Not to mention hot sex. For her, he’s ready to change his priorities. If he can only get past her stubborn indifference and the chief of police, who happens to be her father and his boss, she’ll end up right where she belongs—in his arms and his bed.

Keeping JT’s dad a secret for all these years seemed like a good idea, but the more John proves himself a genuine friend and an honorable man, the more Jade struggles with her intense attraction and undeniable guilt. He deserves the truth. A truth that will ultimately destroy all she has worked to protect. A truth that will shatter the trust of the only man she has ever loved. A truth that will change their lives forever.

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Review

Sands of Time by Author K. D. Friedrich is the second book in The Heart Falls Series, and is the first book I have read by this author. It was a story that spoke about finding your way home and finding the courage to believe in and stand up for one’s self.

Told in third person point of view, Sands of Time was a story that included the tragedy of Jade’s life with her father, as a youngster, and now as an adult. I felt so bad for her. I wanted to reach into the story, save her, and teach her evil father a lesson. But, this story was also one of hope in the form of sexy cop, John. He was her savior in every way possible. I love how John always called “darling” and the affection that he showered on her and her son, JT. That being said, there were also some points when I felt the storyline slowed and also points where the character actions were too unrealistic. All-in-all though, I enjoyed the story and am happy that I read.



“Jade,” he whispered against her lips. His tongue darted out, tasting her. “God, I missed this.”

His voice sounded strained, his breaths growing faster, harder. He squeezed her tighter. His mouth traveled downward along the arch of her throat as his fingers moved lower, curving over her generous hips.

Trapped beneath his jeans, John’s erection, thick, rigid, and imposing, brushed her stomach, slid over her mound, and settled against her where she ached for him most. He reached underneath her shirt, drawing his hands up and down her waist, stopping shy of her breasts each time. She shivered at the contact, praying he’d move a little higher, hoping he’d take her nipple between his fingers and roll the taut peak until she moaned with delight.

He dwarfed her petite frame by nearly a foot, his weight a combination of thick muscle and height, but she didn’t feel intimidated or forced. In fact, she’d never felt safer.

This was going too far. They were racing toward the edge of a cliff overlooking a valley of regret. They had to stop, because if they took that dreaded leap, nothing would be the same. Before she was able to gather the strength to push him away, John closed his mouth around her shirt-covered nipple and suckled.


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3.5 Stars

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