Blog Tour: Transparent by Erin Noelle

Blog Tour:  Transparent by Erin NoelleTransparent by Erin Noelle
Publication Date: October 15, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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Her elusive past didn’t worry me,

Her heartbreaking scars never made me cringe,

And her haunting demons only made me a stronger man.

But the day Blake Martin was stolen from me,

I was scared to death.

Prepared to do anything necessary to get her back,

Little did I know it just might cost me my life.

My name is Madden Decker, and this is my story.


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Translucent - Book 1

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Review

“I hold my own strings; I won’t think twice about killing any of these people to regain my freedom. And I’m willing to risk my own life to keep it that way.”

Transparent is part two in the Luminous series and I have been dying to get my hands on it.  Madden and Blake were an unusual pairing from Translucent, but honestly felt so natural. They fell into one another. Now, we are back with them as our story takes on new and unexpected twists and turns. 

“I just want to hold her in my arms, look into her eyes, and tell her I love her-what I’ve been avoiding saying to her for weeks now.”

Madden. He has always been driven, an overachiever in the work force, fighting to make his family’s business the best it could be. Until Blake.  He loved Blake fiercely. She changed him. 

“…once again I was too busy falling head-over-heels in love with someone who seemed to good to be true, and I let me guard down, became blind to what was going on around me.”

Blake has found herself in a insurmountable amount of trouble, and it would seem that she is, once again, all alone, with no help or hope. She hangs on to her strong desire to return to Madden, in the hopes that he will still love and accept her.

“I choose chapter twenty-three; there’s really no other choice.”

Told in multiple points of view, Transparent is a fast-paced and exceptional ending to the Luminous series. From the opening pages the action and unfolding secrets never stop, nor does the love that pours off of the pages, even from unexpected individuals. Both Madden and Blake’s affections are tested and their lives repeatedly on the line. There was also an exceptional character that, despite all odds, stole my heart and made me have such strong feelings for them. Author  Erin Noelle excelled in giving us a show-stopping conclusion that was more than I ever expected. 

“That’s who I am as a lover. A guardian. A protector. I find my ultimate pleasure when she willingly gives me control of her body, mind, and soul…”


I’m in shock. We all are. Complete fucking shock. Unable to even process the words Marshal Doherty just spoke. Words that shred me to my core.

Lies. It has to be lies. That’s my initial thought, though I know what he says is one-hundred percent true. He has no reason to be dishonest. He’s shown me the articles on his phone. It’s her in the pictures. Looking exactly like she did in the photos inside the hidden envelope in her drawer. Like the one I took and keep in my desk.

“Who?” I ask, finally able to manage words. “Who do you think has her? Honestly.”

The suit-clad man sighs and crosses his arms over his chest, eyeing me with a circumspect hesitation. If he’s smart, he can sense the desperation oozing from my pores, and he realizes how dangerously devoted to finding Blake I am. No one will stop my efforts to find her, especially not after what he just revealed about her unthinkable past.

“The first place we’ll look is Chicago,” he concedes, his voice so low it can barely be heard over the buzz from people around us. “Vincent Ricci has become one of the most powerful underbosses in America over the past few years, and he has made no secret he’s looking for the woman who murdered his son. There’s a pretty price on her head. It may take a couple of days for whoever has her to get her there, but I’ll have my guys working close to him, keeping their ears to the ground. The Italians are known for having flashy, extravagant celebrations when they torture and kill someone they’ve been searching for. A way to show their entire community what will happen to you if you’re ever marked as an enemy of theirs. If he has her, we’ll know soon. They’ll want everyone to know.”

My stomach rolls, threatening to revolt at the images in my mind of where she could be.

5 Stars

About Erin Noelle

A lover of happily-ever-afters, both historical and current, Erin is an avid reader of all romance novels. Her titles published include the Book Boyfriend Series, the Dusk ‘Til Dawn Series, Translucent, Conspire — co-authored with SE Hall, Surviving Us, MILF: Wrong Kind of Love and Spark.
Her books have been a part of the USA Today Bestselling list and the Amazon and Barnes & Noble overall Top 100.

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