My Review: 24690 by A. A. Dark

My Review:  24690 by A. A. Dark24690 by A. A. Dark
Series: 24690 #1
Publication Date: July 22, 2016
Genres: Dark, Romance, Suspense
Amazon Paperback


Buried deep below the everyday life of our society lives an underground world of nightmares—of violence and murder no one dares speak about. Contracts and laws weave the web of our culture together. Our Masters walk amongst us. They can be our friends, or the ones to make us disappear forever.

Where I once had found peace within my existence, it all ended with the death of my cruel, yet caring owner. My world shattered and I was taken back to the one place I had hoped to never see again—the cells of Whitlock—a subterranean fortress for slaves who await their new placement.

Now I have no rights. I have no say. My feelings and wellbeing are meaningless. Escape is impossible, but I have nothing left to lose.

To stand any chance of survival, I must give my life as collateral to the highest bidder: Soul for Sale.

slave 24690

My Review

24690 by Author A. A. Dark is a dark romance novel, crawling with suspense and mind-numbing horror.

“Love did that to people. It gave them a glimpse of the sweetest dream, only to show them what a fool they’d been to trust it. I wouldn’t do that to either of us.”

Everleigh is no longer her own person. She is Slave, 24690. Her life exists to meet the needs of her master. Her heart no longer matters. Her desires have been forcibly put to death. She has known three men since being at Whitlock. One is her master. One wants to own her. And one wants to be her everything. One dies. Two are left living. And three are now in a triangle of love, lust, lies, and betrayal.

“It sank its hooks into my obsession and doused the emotion with something new—something so strong, it was all I could feel.”

Holy moly. This book was fantastic! Scared to death, moved to tears, and ready to fight, I read through these pages like I had a fire behind me pushing me through, trying to get safely to the other side…not knowing if that would actually be any safer.

“The choice is not yours. You have no choice. You are no one.”

I was oddly fascinated by the world that Whitlock built. Now, it was really a bit of a sick fascination, but it was something to read about. The rules. The lines. The lack of lines. The women who were so poorly treated. The men who were pompous and mentally unsound.

“…with those words, I let myself shatter. My body shook with spasms and my heart swelled to heights I’d never imagined. True to his word, I became ruined for anyone else. I wasn’t a slave in our moment. I was his.”

Everleigh was quite the heroine. When her spirit and vigor kicked in, she was a woman on a mission. I hated the men in her life. Even the “good” ones made my skin crawl; they were still devious and merely the “lesser of the evils”. Each time Bram was in the picture, my heart rate picked up. I knew he wasn’t really a “hero”, but man did I wish for him to do a 180 and use his alpha ways to be the good guy.

“…you set the monsters free from their luxurious little cells. I hope you’re ready for the repercussions that will follow.”

The best friend in this story, West, was a maggot emerging from the stench of decaying flesh. He was sick. He made my skin crawl and my guts twist. To say that I detested him was too mild. I wanted him to feel what those under him felt, to experience the fear and panic he so easily caused. His deprivation knew no limits.

“I fear nothing being with you. Only being without you.”

24690 was a twisted and darker than black novel that tore at the fabric of human morality and decency. It shattered every ceiling of the imaginable.

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