My Review: Breathe You by Celeste Grande

My Review:  Breathe You by Celeste GrandeBreathe You by Celeste Grande
Series: Pieces of Broken #2
Publication Date: February 26, 2018
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance, Second Chance Romance
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When past and present collide…

And second chances aren’t promised.
Evangelina and Blake shared a fiery, heart-pounding, live-beneath-your-skin kind of love. Until her demons came to find her, ripping him from her life. Alone once again, Evangelina tries to pick up the pieces that remain.
But one missing piece is irreplaceable.
Blake is struggling without his Angel, and every turn is a reminder of a love lost.
When the burden becomes too much to handle, he decides to salvage what’s left of him—to walk away.
Hidden truths come to light.

Secrets are revealed.

And the battle of Evangelina’s life is on.
The fight for her freedom.

For her light.

For true love.
But when family is your nightmare, and the demons follow your sins, how do you climb back from the darkness?
You find your strength.

You discover your purpose.

And most important…
You remember to breathe.

My Review

Breathe You by Celeste Grande is book two in the Pieces of Broken series. It is an NA, second chance romance, and should only be read after book one.

“Remember in life, there are second chances.”

We were left broken on Live You. Our two favorite characters shattered alongside us.

Holy moly! Celeste Grande can write prologues that make steam and flames come out of your ears, growls come out of your mouth, and daggers out of your eyes. I just recently finished Live Me, so I knew coming into Breathe You would be difficult. Nope. Not difficult. Heart debilitating.

“One would think that, without a heart, you’d feel less. But I’d have to rebut that argument. I now knew it to be a falsity because I felt much, much more. I was feeling . . . everything.”

Although emotionally challenging, Author Celeste Grande’s words were poignant, real, and demanded to be read, to know the full truth. To see what Eva went through, felt. Why she got lost. How she tried to let it go. Where her thoughts were every day. It ripped me up. In such a different way than Live Me. In book one, I was forcefully gutted. In Breathe You, I was taken down a long and sacred road where sadness and pain were the trees that canopied it in both a protective and eerie fashion. I loved that we got character full exposure. Though slow to come out at times, we got to see the angels and demons at play. Memories became the medium for pain. But they also unleashed craving and desire.

“You aren’t the bad guy, honey. You’re the knight in shining armor. But you’re too hurt to see past the armor, and she’s still locked in her tower. Wait till she’s ready to throw down her hair. She’ll come to you.”

I ADORED Blake in Live Me. Worshipped the ground he walked on. In Breathe You, he continued to blow my mind. This man was the constant. The anchor. Although change occurred, he was the steady. My heart was broken for Eva. What a mess! Deceived. Used. Broken. Tattered. But her comeback…squee! I had such overwhelming pride for her. Courage. Strength. Tenacity. She became a force.

“I wouldn’t care if you were particles of dust scattered in grains of sand. I’d still fix you.”

Breathe You held a tether around my heart as it pulled out every fiber, vein, sinew, molecule and then hit repeat. Wave after wave of agony and hope, cresting, falling, dragging me under, and pushing me to the surface. So many genius nuggets that just made my mind spin and knock, spin and knock. What a fabulous read!

“To live him is to breathe him.”

5 Stars

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