My Review: Family Ties by Stephie Walls

My Review:   Family Ties by Stephie WallsFamily Ties by Stephie Walls
Publication Date: June 21, 2018
Genres: Friends to Lovers, Romance, Second Chance Romance, standalone, Taboo
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With a history like ours, the meaning of the word family tended to tangle into something unrecognizable. DNA and bloodlines didn’t tie us together, and neither did our last names. Various shades of grey blurred the branches of our twisted family tree.
I wasn’t her brother.
They weren’t my parents.
Not that it mattered…
She was off limits.
Portia was my friend.
Then my foster sister.
And she’d always be the love of my life.

My Review

Family Ties by Author Stephie Walls is friends-to-lovers, forbidden romance novel.

“I’d sell my soul for one more piece of lemon pie. And I’d dance with the devil to hear her sing another song.”

Jude has known Portia since they were children. Going in and out of the same foster home, she became a sister, of sorts, as they developed an innocent and compassionate love for one another.

“Nothing good could ever come out of me exploring anything with Jude or acknowledging just what that single kiss had done to me emotionally and physically. Mentally, I slammed the door shut and refused to keep the key.”

Family Ties was such an emotional ride. From the first pages of the Prologue until the final
line, I fell, head-over-heels, for this couple that, according to others, never should have been. Their relationship was sweet, precious, enduring, and heady. Nothing about it was awkward or out of place. They were each other’s souls, and their love was a direct reflection of the goodness deep inside them. Their dilemma was precarious and one that I feared would grow a head and try to destroy them. But in spite of the looming tension, I couldn’t help but lose myself In every desperate moment, as Portia and Jude met each challenge. For love. For themselves. For each other, never wavering in intent of devotion and mutual respect.

“I need you, Portia. In a way I’m not sure I even understand. Everything about you makes me better.” A tiny smile crept up her cheeks, and I kept confessing, hoping to earn a crooked grin. “You create sunshine in a bleak world. You fill my heart and touch my soul. I’m invincible with you at my side.”

I wanted to hug my Kindle to my chest and keep it there for hours after finishing this novel. It was that special. That lovely. Family Ties wasn’t perfect and easy love. It was love that had to be fought for, hard and with intensity. But the end result was a love to be cherished.


4.5 Stars

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