My Review: Freed by Stephie Walls

My Review:  Freed by Stephie WallsFreed by Stephie Walls
Series: Bound Duet #2
Publication Date: May 10, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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I moved on.
I couldn't hold on to what was deteriorating, devastating, destroying,
Nobody could.

And now, I have real love.
The kind that means something,
Rocking in chairs and growing old.

But, choosing between the past and future is too painful.
Too raw.
Too final.

I was bound to Gray, but he lost me,
Let me slip through his fingers.
That was then.

This is now. 
I'm freed.

My Review

​Freed by Author Stephie Walls is book two in the Bound Duet. It is not a standalone novel and should only be read after Freed.

“There is nothing more important in this life than you. Remember that. Everything else is secondary.”

We were first introduced to Annie in Bound, book one in this duet. She was a young lady with baggage and insecurities. When she met Gray, her life took a shift. But, it was just temporary, like the tides with the moon, and soon she found herself drowning in self-doubt and disappointment.

“Life had brought me exactly what I thought I didn’t need at precisely the moment I needed it most. Lying beside him tonight was proof of that. I’d come through the storm, and he’d provided the umbrella.”

I totally fell in love with the idea of Gray and Annie in Bound, and honestly never thought I could see her with someone else. But, lo and behold, along came swoony Brett and he completely distracted me from my initial train of thought. I love that he saw Annie’s worth in every area of her life, and worshipped her for it. He made her feel like his queen. He was her protector. He would fight her demons for her and come out the strong winner. He was definitely her forever man.

“You accepted my flaws, healed my wounds, and gave me time to learn to fly. You taught me what healthy love looks like and more importantly that I deserved it. I can’t tell you how much I love you. The words just don’t say enough.”

As I have come to expect, no tears were left in the ducts. Author Stephie Walls ripped every emotion possible from me. She had me curled up in my bed, face red, nose raw. My heart broke repeatedly for Annie. Yes, she made poor choices. Yes they cost her. But this poor woman had suffered so much. I got her. I got the fear she felt. The need to fix things and people. The overwhelming desire to run and hide. And the feeling of being inadequate. This author wrote a character that was so recognizable that at times it was like I was looking in a mirror and seeing my own reflection.

“Whatever we’re told in here, nothing changes between us. It may alter our path, but it doesn’t alter us. You will still be my wife, and I will love you as fiercely as I do right now at this moment.”

The character depth in this novel was profound. We heard their thoughts, saw their grief and pain. The awe associated with a life-changing birth and connection made when it seemed impossible was one of the most beautiful moments in the story. Every cell in my body came into focus on four friends with one purpose. It was breathtaking.

“I’d finally broken the cycle—God had given me His favor. I was no longer the victim of my circumstances. I was now the creator of my destiny.”

Freed was a story of deliverance that produced life in spite of death and gave light that chased away the darkness. It was inspiring and exchanged beauty for ashes.

“First and foremost, it will always be you.”

5 Stars

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