My Review: Gravel Road by Stephie Walls

My Review:  Gravel Road by Stephie WallsGravel Road by Stephie Walls
Publication Date: September 28, 2018
Genres: cowboy, Romance, Second Chance Romance
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I fell in love with Austin before I even knew what the word meant.

Miranda was the only girl who ever had a chance at owning my heart.

Defined by the land we grew up on—ranches, pastures, lakes—Mason Belle, Texas, wrote our story. And then it tore out the pages.

Six years later, Miranda had managed to slip away again. But this time, I refused to let her run.

My Review

Gravel Road is a second chance romance novel by Author Stephie Walls.

“Defiance wasn’t my middle name, but now, I considered having it tattooed on my right butt cheek in her honor.”

Wow! Wow!  WOW!  My heart and stars!  I love books that give me all the feels.  I love soulmates.  I love sweet and sexy cowboys.  I love saucy and strong females.  So, guess what?  I LOVED Gravel Road.

“Sometimes we have to endure the worst pain of our lives to find the greatest happiness.”

It’s no secret that I am a loyal reader of books by this author.  But, this one definitely delivered all of the touchy feels that make her such a prized writer.  Austin and Miranda were cute as kids, had great chemistry as teens.   But their love as adults was written in the heavens.   Southern boy grows up with southern girl.  They are the perfect love story. Until tragedy strikes.  Life gets all shaken up.  And things change, for many years.

“…we exchanged the greatest gift either of us could ever give, and we lost a piece of ourselves neither of us could ever get back. I didn’t have one ounce of regret.”

This is one of the most touching second chance romance novels.  Not just because second chances give my heart the flutters, and they do.  But because this was not a pinpoint second chance, it was an all-encompassing gift at embracing the life that always should have been.

“The guy who’d never noticed me became my champion, Miranda. When I didn’t think I could push any harder, he had the strength I couldn’t find.”

Miranda’s New York friends and her Mason Belle family crashed together in a heap of misunderstandings, hurts, and regrets.  But, their collective respect for Miranda and Mason caused a cataclysmic shift for healing and renewal. They definitely added the sprinkles in and on top of the cupcake to give it that extra level of sweet and special we all love.

“I’ve always known you were my knight in shining armor, but I never expected you to have to prove that you’re my fairy tale.”

But, the sprinkles must have a cupcake and icing on which to be placed. And that is where we get the real exceptional delight that is Miranda and Austin.  There was nothing in this world that could stop their love.  Even the most devastating moments and emotional pains couldn’t cause a thick enough barrier to keep them apart.  They lashed out. They fumed and sparked at one another.  But, all that mattered was their undying need for each other.

Gravel Road was a second chance novel heavy on the feels, light in the heart, and abounding with family and friends…and cowboys *wink, wink*. I highly recommend it.

4.5 Stars

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