My Review: Mr. Masters by T L Swan

My Review:  Mr. Masters by T L SwanMr. Masters Publication Date: May 27, 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Taboo
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He was powerful, older and my boss, a lethal combination.
Job satisfaction has taken on a whole new meaning.
When I lied on my resume, I didn’t expect it to matter.
I mean any child would love me; I was born to be a nanny.
I applied for a position working for a woman, or so I thought.
But Julian Masters is definitely all man…the kind you dream of licking chocolate from.
The first day was bad. The kids were the spawn of the devil and I spied through a window and caught him doing something obscene…. and equally fascinating.
The second day was worse, he caught me snooping in his bathroom cabinet in my skimpy pyjamas and all hell broke loose.
On the third day, I ran over him in a golf cart.
And by day four I had decided that I wanted that chocolate…all of it.
Melted….on me.
But intelligent, widowed Judges don’t fall for ditzy nannies.
Or do they?

My Review

Mr. Masters by Author TL Swan is an illicit and sex standalone novel.

“Do you want to dance with the Devil?”

Brielle is in London to work. Needing a short pause from her beloved Australia, she takes a job as a nanny for Julian Masters’ children.  She is strong, beautiful, smart, quick-witted, and a mother bear of protectiveness.  Julian Masters has no idea what’s about to disrupt his life. He is the hot, brooding judge that everyone woman lusts after and dreams of catching. But he wants none of them. Hadn’t wanted anyone.  Until her.  The nanny.

“… I have no skin left on my f***ing d***, man. I need a skin graft. It is literally grazed like a third-degree burn.” He shakes his head and we all burst out laughing. “If I wasn’t circumcised already, I would have been after that.”

This book got to me on so many levels. I love the unexpected.  I expect intensity and heat  from this author.  But, at one point, I busted out laughing so hard that people stared at me.  Oh my gosh.   Such great to-my-toes laughter.  It was incredible.

“How much seduction can a man take before he f**** his nanny on his kitchen floor?”

But, back to the hot.  Mr. Masters could only be measured on a burn scale.  Omg!! It was a slow burn of sorts. One in which you start to feel the fire as it seeps into your pores, but just feels so right that you let it go deeper and deeper until it consumes you, every inch.  It was tastefully naughty.  No one writes sexy like this author. No one!  I went from fanning, to glistening, to downpours of sweet droplets…sweat droplets.  Dear heavens, and all the baby cherubs, the stars, the moon.  This book was HOT AS BLAZES!   I mean, a taboo love is always more salacious, making me rub my hands together in delight.  However, when temptation meets superb writing, the outcome is a fireball from heaven.

“Roses are red, Violets are blue. I’m in love with a broken man, And there’s nothing I can do.”

All of the characters in this novel were utterly outstanding.  They had their own personal depth and struggles. They had feelings, emotions. Their own secret plights moved me in a totally different way, rounding out the story, and giving it the down-to-earth, real feel.

“Drive it like you stole it.”

Mr. Masters is one of the top romances of the year.  A delight and thrill on every level, it made me want to keep going back for more, and at the end to start over from the beginning.  I LOVED it!

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About TL Swan

Lover of her husband, children, words, chocolate and margaritas.
When she is not writing her next novel, you will find her in a café drinking coffee with friends.
Writing is her passion.

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