My Review: Solis by Elda Lore

My Review:  Solis by Elda LoreSolis by Elda Lore
Series: Modern Descendants #2
Publication Date: January 30, 2017
Genres: Paranormal/Fantasy, Romance
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Veva Matron is a feisty girl raging with suppressed anger and distrust of men.
Solis Cronus is a blindingly beautiful, Greek god of a guy, who likes to play women.
An electric hatred thunders through each of them about the other until one night, lightning strikes. A world of secrets reveals the destiny of two at odds with one another, and clouds the line between love and hate. Can a lively girl find calm in the stormy tension of a boy made of sunshine and sin?
The mythical tale of Zeus and Hera reignites in this modern interpretation of enemies to lovers. Full of flirty sexual angst and teasing temptation, Solis might be the one man who can extinguish Veva’s angry fire and ignite a different sort of flame: desire.

My Review

Solis by Author L. B. Dunbar, writing as Elda Lore is book two in the Modern Descendants series.  It is a paranormal/Greek mythology romance novel.

“I believe in Destiny. I believe in finding the one. The one who will complete me. The other half of me. The one opposite and whole for me.”

Solis equals swoon, swoony, swoon. This god-man never stopped.  I understood why women followed him around like lost puppy dogs and were happy just to be graced with his shadow.  He was too large for life and better than mere mortal.

“The only sun I want to be is the center of your universe.”

As the story progressed, so did the passion that ignited between Solis and Veva. It was so otherworldly that it often caused me to wonder where the natural began and the supernatural took over.  The sparks that flew could be felt through the pages as their entire beings came into focus with one another.

“You’re the blue sky to my gray.”

Everything about this novel lit my heart on fire.  Having followed L. B. Dunbar’s  writing for some time, Solis is absolutely some of her best work to date; simply exquisite.  It was on point with its details in mythology, gave a story line that was riveting, and had very defined and well-developed characters with inner struggles, despite their god-like nature.

I’d only thirst for her from this day forward.   Each drink would be to recall the memory, savor it, and never forget again who she was to me.

Solis was an irresistible and mystical romance novel that made the imperceptible tangible and ended with a beautiful HEA.  A favorite of 2017.


5 Stars

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