My Review: Want You by Jen Frederick

My Review:  Want You by Jen FrederickWant You by Jen Frederick
Publication Date: June 29, 2018
Genres: forbidden, Organized Crime, Romance
Amazon Paperback


I might be only nineteen, but I know what I want. It’s Leka Moore. I don’t care that he took me in when he was barely more than a kid himself. I don’t care that he raised me. I don’t care everyone thinks being with him is wrong. I know we belong together, and the only person I need to convince is him.

I found her in the corner of a dark alley. If I hadn’t taken her with me, she would’ve died that night—or maybe worse. Before I knew it, she became the light in my dark life, the haven from the madness. I watched her grow up. I tried to teach her right from wrong. Now that she’s an adult, I’m feeling things that no good man should ever feel. But then…I’ve never been a good man. I have a chance at redemption by saving her from the greatest danger of all—me.

My Review

Want You by Jen Frederick is a standalone, forbidden romance, age-gap, novel set in a world of crime with an eye-for-an-eye undercurrent.

“The invisible tether that has connected us since the day I found her reels me back. My body can walk and talk and function, but the heart of me sits in her little hands.”

Leka is a criminal.  Plain and clear.   He tries to stay out of the line of sight for those who would put him away for being that, but the fact doesn’t change.  He works for bad people who do bad things.  He can’t leave this life.  It’s how he is able to stay alive.  And after finding Bitsy, it’s how he will keep her alive.  Shelter her.  Give her the best.  But keep her distant from the evil.

“It doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside, he says. Our insides match.”

Want You was a gem!   Oh my gosh.  The feels.  The love.  The push.  The pull.  The angst.  It drove me crazy!  Made me mad with desire for Leka and Bitsy to let go and make the universe, and romance readers, scream with relief.

“I’m a criminal. I break the law. I kill people. I steal. I work for people who traffic in guns and drugs. But none of those misdeeds compare to the sin I’m committing now. But I can’t let her go. I’ve had a taste of heaven and am too damn selfish not to want a repeat.”

Set in the dark world of monsters and crime bosses, Want You could have been tainted by blood, lies, and hate.   But, what one actually focuses on is the overwhelming linking of love and compassion for two young lives who seem to be at an impasse in their desires for one another.

“My heart formed when I found her. She created it with her trust. She nurtured it with her hope. She protected it with her love.”

I loved that Leka was hard and soft, unmerciful , but full of compassion.  And I adored that Bitsy was all female, a little awkward, but with an edge of fire that made her glow.

“I love you, Bit. Love you so much I wanna to tear my heart out of my body because the thought of not having you would ruin me.”

Want You gave me all I hoped for and more, balancing good and evil with longing and high octane emotions.  It is a must-read.

4.5 Stars

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