My Review: What He Doesn’t Know by Kandi Steiner

My Review:  What He Doesn’t Know by Kandi SteinerWhat He Doesn't Know by Kandi Steiner
Publication Date: March 15, 2018
Genres: Love Triangle, Romance
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On the northeast side of town, there is a house.
The house was once magical, filled with love and joy and plans for the future.
Inside its walls are many things that belong to me — my books, the china from my mother on my wedding day, the beautiful cage once home to two birds, now empty, just like me.
And a man.
A man who also belongs to me.
A man I no longer wish to keep.
A man who, no doubt, has not slept, though the sun is rising. Because the house where he waits is where I laid my head to rest every night for eight years. Until last night.

No one who knows me would believe Charlie Pierce, the quiet, bookish girl who never made waves is pulling out of the driveway of a man who isn’t her husband.

But they don’t know me at all.
I don’t even know me.
Not anymore.

They say there are two sides to every story, and I suppose in most cases, that’s true. But the one I live inside of? It has three.

On the northeast side of town, there is a house.
But there is no longer a home.

My Review

What He Doesn’t Know by Author Kandi Steiner is book one in the What He Doesn’t Know Duet.  It is a love triangle duet.

“…now all that was left was a wanderer. I searched for home, for happiness, for something —anything —to make me feel like life was still worth living.”

Charlie once had a love that was larger than life.   She had hopes and dreams.  Now she has routine and schedules. Spontaneity has turned to the mundane and ordinary.  She doesn’t know herself.   She feels lost.  She needs to feel alive again.

“Death changes us. It takes everything we thought we knew about our lives and fast pitches it out the window, shattering the glass in the process. Wind whips in, hard and cold, and throws everything we’d had neatly in place flying around the room.”

What He Doesn’t Know wasn’t a simple love story.  It wasn’t an easy slip. It was a tumultuous journey, turn after turn of pain and regret.  My heart broke for all of these characters…Charlie, Reese, and Cameron.  It would be easy for me to point a finger and say whose fault I feel is most to blame.  But that wouldn’t be fair.  Grief claims all of its victims at one point or another, and so it was in this novel.  Author Kandi Steiner captured the hallmark qualities of loss, and then spilled them out in ink to create the lives of these best friends and lovers.

“A touch. A sigh. A man. A woman. Fingertips and lips. Moans and breaths. Old longings brought to life with new fervor, new discoveries uncovered with old, shaking hands. Freedom. Passion.”

I couldn’t help but feel the overwhelming connection between Charlie and Reese that seemed to dwarf the years between Charlie and Cameron.  But Cameron had redeeming qualities that left these annoying strings of possibility dangling.  The perfect mix for a love triangle.

“I was a methodically swinging pendulum, and one little touch was all it would take to send me spiraling again.”

I inhaled this novel!  Breathing heavy, faster, slower, not at all.  There were moments I simply stopped, hugging my Kindle to my chest, as if this action could permeate the pages. I made up my mind whose lives should intersect and felt a little guilty for my choice.  But mostly, I just kept waiting for the defining moments, hands painfully clasped, brows pinched, body still.  And then the end came, and I completely lost myself in it.  Wrecked.  A complete and total wreck!!!!  Omg!! Torn. Infuriated.  Disheartened.  Sad.  Greedy for more.

“The boundaries that used to exist between us had vanished, but the new ones that had taken their place were made of steel, lined with barbed wire, drenched in warning to keep clear. The ring on her finger was a symbol of her commitment to another man. That alone should have sobered me. That alone should have been at the forefront of my mind, but it wasn’t. Charlie Reid was married, she was Charlie Pierce now, and still, it didn’t matter. I loved her, anyway.”

What He Doesn’t Know was a story of secrets held close, lives forever changed, and loves that would never be the same. I anxiously await the conclusion of this duet.

5 Stars

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