New Release and My Review: Worthy of the Harmony by R. C. Martin

New Release and My Review:  Worthy of the Harmony by R. C. MartinWorthy of the Harmony Series: Mountains & Men
Genres: Contemporary, Rockers, Romance
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She is guarded.
She is inspirational.
She is worthy of more than an encore.

He is alluring.
He is confident.
He is more than she ever bargained for.

Her stubbornness battles against his persistence
His optimism outshines her resistance
And their song plays on.

Sage McCoy has always been the type of guy who goes after what he wants. For years, what he’s desired most is to see his band, Mountains & Men, become more than Saturday night entertainment at a local bar. He swears he’ll chase that dream until it comes true, or he’ll die trying. Now, he senses that he and his mates are on the precipice of something amazing, and he’s never wanted anything more.

Except, perhaps, Millicent Valentine—the woman he craves above all others.

Millicent Valentine believes in one absolute truth: Men always leave. Yet, despite her belief that Sage will eventually tire of her, she can’t help but indulge her desire for him. She makes up her mind that he can have her body, but he isn’t allowed her heart.
Though, she never anticipated that the leading man of Mountains & Men would be so much more than the arrogant little shit she imagined him to be.

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Review

Worthy of the Harmony is the first full-length novel in the Mountains and Men series by Author R. C. Martin. It is a rocker romance read.

“I’m the kind of woman who needs to hear the rich, alluring, sexy tone of my man’s voice. It’s what drew me to him in the first place. It’s part of who we are.”

Millie and Sage have a good thing going. They hook up, sex it up, and life goes on. It’s easy and convenient, no strings attached, no feelings to worry over. But, they have a unique connection that doesn’t quite fit this mantra for relationships; theirs is rare and special, but still with all the thrills.

“Come on Professor Valentine. Break some rules. Live a little! You know I’ll make it worth your while.”

I LOVED this book!! Told in dual points of view, Worthy of the Harmony was a rocker read like no other. The highs in the book were so explosive and tangible that I felt as if I were right there, in the thick of it all, taking part in their dreams. And, just like in Encore Worthy, when Sage dropped his sweet name for Millie, Doll Face, I melted into a puddle.  Being reintroduced to the band reminded me of the feel of being in one big family. They all had such tight friendships and admiration of one another. I cheered for them in their successes, and lowered the lights in homage to them when the going got rough. I loved that Millie was this solid, mostly predictable educator. Contrast Sage who, although educated, is a take-life-by-the-balls rocker. My heart broke for Millie as she tried to reconcile the immense passion Sage had for her with her own love encounters. But, Sage brought such a freshness and light to her life. It was like watching an awakening. There was no such thing as too much Sage. As impressive as his mouth was with lyrics, it was even more so when it came to his passion and endless desire for Millie. They both found the home in each other that they had never had, and brought out an insatiable and uncommon desire in one another. Filled with salacious laughter, scorching heat, and unquenchable love, Worthy of the Harmony is the perfect escape! I look forward to the continuation of the their story.

“She’s the harmony to my melody, and our song has just begun.”



        I draw in a deep breath as sleep slips out of my grasp and then blow it all out as I peek open one eye. The sun, which is already high in the sky, is pouring through the curtain of my window. I usually close the blinds before I go to bed to prevent this kind of morning greeting; but when I open my other eye and look at the reason I forgot, I could give a fuck.

        Millie’s on her side facing me, her arms curled up against her chest, her legs tangled with mine. Her long, ashy brown hair is fanned out across my pillows, leaving her face on display for me to admire. She’s so damn beautiful, I could stare at her all morning. Or, rather, all afternoon. I like how she’ll sleep well past noon on a Sunday, as if that’s what Sundays were intended for.

        It’s been a long time since I’ve had a repeat guest in my bed. Most of my hookups don’t happen here at all, but I meant what I said last night. I like having her here. I also liked having her at the show last night. When she came backstage with Violet after our set, it was like my whole body was abuzz with the reminder that I want this girl. This woman. I haven’t yet taken her out on a real date, just the two of us. She still seems reluctant to go there with me. But this is a battle I intend to win. And soon. I want more of her—more of her smart-ass mouth, more of her sexy giggle, more of her drop dead gorgeous face. Fuck, I sound like a pussy.

           I don’t even give a shit.

        I drape my arm around her and draw her closer, wishing to feel her warm skin pressed against mine. I sure as hell want more of this body all over me. She’s hands down, dick up, the best lay I’ve ever had. Every damn time.

        I lean over and press a kiss against her bare shoulder and she sighs, stirring up my dick. A smirk pulls at the corner of my mouth as I kiss her again, making my way toward her neck. She squirms, nestling herself closer to me, her thigh brushing against my cock. I pull her even closer and nibble on the soft, fragrant skin just below her jaw. She tastes both salty and sweet, her skin still sticky from our tumble in the sheets early this morning. I can smell the lingering trace of vanilla that she wears, too.

        “If you leave a mark, I’ll kick your ass,” she mumbles, her lips grazing my throat. The sound of her morning voice, raspy from sleep, has my cock’s full attention.

        “Oh, yeah?”

        “Mmm,” she hums.

        “And if I do it where no one will see it?”

        As soon as the words pass through my lips, I duck my head and latch onto the side of her boob. I bite while I suck and she gasps, her hands finding their way into my hair. I pull away and admire the pink mark I’ve left, then smile when I look up at her. Her lips are parted, her breathing slightly ragged, and her eyes are barely open. I know right away that it’s lust I see in her hooded gaze and not exhaustion. I decide to take it upon myself to change that.

5 Stars

About R. C. Martin

R.C. Martin finds it a bit awkward referring to herself in the third person, so she's only going to do it for this one sentence. (We all know who's writing this bio anyway!)

I'm a born and bred Coloradan. I will always claim that square state as my home! While I now reside in Virginia, the land of the Rocky Mountains is where I've left a piece of my heart and where my characters come to life. I'm a woman in love with love and filled to the brim with compassion for women like me, on a journey to find themselves in today's society. I aspire to inspire my readers to do more than settle. I hope that my writing will remind everyone that she (or he!) is valuable and worthy of the best kind of love--the kind that is gentle, patient, faithful, passionate, all consuming, never ending, and leaves you breathless.

When I'm not writing I'm reading; when I'm not reading I'm know how it goes! I also enjoy cooking, baking, crocheting, and jigsaw puzzles. Basically, I'm an old soul with a young heart, nonchalantly waiting for my prince to come.

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