New Release and Review: Becoming Mrs. Benedict by K. Webster

New Release and Review:  Becoming Mrs. Benedict by K. WebsterBecoming Mrs. Benedict by K. Webster
Series: Becoming Her #3
Published by K. Webster Publication Date: May 18, 2015
Genres: Historical, Romance
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Ella Merriweather has watched her sisters grow up and fall madly in love with men that cherish and adore them. She wants to find that kind of love. However, she’s saddled with taking care of their dying father on the farm where she was left behind so easily.

When she went to her older sister’s wedding, she had met a man, Alcott Dumont, and he was intoxicatingly handsome. She was immediately taken by his charms and began to fanaticize about a life with him. Unfortunately, a year later and he has never come to court her like she so desperately dreamed about.

One evening, William Benedict, her sister Elisabeth’s previous fiancé, shows up and is ready to whisk her away. She nearly relinquishes in to settling with a man like William for he is handsome and could take care of her. However, William has other plans for Ella. Plans that involve revenge, her sought after virginity, and a vendetta at having lost his prior fiancée to Lord Thomas.

Will Ella fall in love with William despite the circumstances that have brought them together? Is her destiny to become Mrs. Benedict?

Or will someone, the man she was once charmed, by decide to show up and win her heart over just in time?

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I received this book for free from Author, Authors in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Review

“When I finally get to have you, you won’t know which way is up because I’ll turn your world upside down. I shall play your body as if it were an instrument especially designed for my hands and tongue. Together, we will harmonize and make love to only a song we can create.”

I have looked forward to this book since finishing Becoming Countess Dumont.  Up until this point not much has been known about Ella, Becoming Mrs. Benedict’s heroine. She has been somewhat of the mystery sister. So, when her story was placed in my hands I clicked it open with great anticipation. 

“It’s as if I am burdened with remaining in this cage that is my life when I was born to soar among the clouds.”

We begin the story with bustling news about Ella Merriweather, and are then thrust ahead at full speed. Author K. Webster gives us a much greater description of Ella, one that reveals her life’s regrets and desires. In the midst of this, she paints a picture of devastation and despair.  It seems, for some time, that Ella is destined for an outcome that is not optimal.

“Now, all I care about is gluing your broken pieces back together. You’re changed and everything in my soul screams to fix you. Let me put your innocent being back together again, Ella.”

Insert Alcott Dumont into an already heated story, and now we have a mix of fear, passion, and revenge.  He is a man on a mission and has one goal in mind.  Held in the story at every twist and turn, we watch as he wields his power to find the one thing that he has wanted most.

“You were the prince that came to save me. And I your distressed damsel.”

K. Webster wrote a compelling ending to a great series. I loved being able to see other characters in the story from Ella’s point of view.  In every book in this series, I have felt a wide range of emotions. Becoming Mrs. Benedict added a level of character hatred and despair that I have not quite felt in any of the other books. It was such an extreme feeling, that when the tide changed, it made the victory that much sweeter.  I remained glued to every page until that final moment when my heart soared and burst with love.  I am sad to see this series end, but look forward to the next great book from this author.

“I want to heal her, not simply stop the bleeding. My desire is to stitch her up with the strength of my love.”

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5 Stars

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