Blog Tour and Review: Crumbled by Jennifer Snyder

Blog Tour and Review:   Crumbled by Jennifer SnyderCrumbled by Jennifer Snyder
Series: Paper Thin #2
Genres: Romance
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Dealing with the loss of his fiancée, Emma, and the confusion of his troubled relationship with her sister, Dawson Phillips decides to leave his hometown of Parish Cove behind.

As he battles between denial and depression, Dawson travels the states placing distance between himself and his painful memories of Emma’s death. With each rolling mile behind him, he gains new hope that he will eventually be able to repair his tattered heart.

The problem: He never thought he’d heal while igniting feelings for someone else.

Strengths will be tested. Boundaries will be blurred. And hope will mend the hearts of those fearing they would stay forever crumbled.

I received this book for free from Authors in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Review

Crumbled is the second book in the Paper Thin series by Author Jennifer Snyder. It is an NA novel and is filled with hope and rebirth.

“I knew now a person couldn’t skip through the stages of grief, even if he tried. It wasn’t possible. Each stage would blindside them by its incredible strength.”

We enter into Crumbled shortly after Paper Thin ended. Having taken her own life, Emma left the two most important people in her heart with a mountain of anguish and hurdles to conquer. Dawson is overcome with grief and confusion. Emma is running, trying to escape all that has happened with her family, and her own feelings of self-doubt.

Told in Dawson’s point of view, Crumbled brought a happy and love-filled conclusion to the Paper Thin series. I was a little surprised with the turn that the story took, but was not in the least bit disappointed. Charlotte and Dawson each discovered themselves, who they were, where they wanted to be, and became the strong characters that I knew they were from their introduction in Paper Thin. The additional secondary characters that were presented in the story greatly contributed to the character development and the resulting discovery of love in unusual places. I felt such joy that even though doors of lost love closed, windows of trust and adoration opened to whisper newness for all involved. Great conclusion to this story.

“She’d been the glue to piece me back together again when I thought I was finally broken beyond repair.”


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4 Stars

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