New Release: Love to Hate You by Isabelle Richards

New Release:  Love to Hate You by Isabelle RichardsLove to Hate You by Isabelle Richards
Publication Date: October 7, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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Some connections are so powerful they will not be denied. Despite doing everything in their power to fight their feelings, Chase and Arianna decide to give their love a second chance. They hope that the long, painful journey back to each other will have taught them not to make the same mistakes again. This time they’ll get it right. All they need is a little time for the wounds to heal.
Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop just because love is in the air. Just as they begin to reconcile, their relationship is bombarded by crisis after crisis throwing their lives into a tailspin. Had they learned from their past, Chase and Arianna would find a way to lean on each other during trying times. But some people never learn.
Instead of revealing their strength, each challenge exposes their vulnerabilities. The cracks in their relationship turn into chasms as they let each other down time and time again. Hurt and betrayal overshadow the love, and they slip back into old habits. Hiding behind hatred for each other is much easier than facing the truth.
Will they find their way back to each other or will they stay trapped in the space between love and hate?

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Hate to Love You - Book 1

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Guest Review by Tammy Cole

This book picks up from when Hate to Love You left off and it will, again, send you on an emotional roller coaster. I am so glad that this book is told in a dual point of views because I loved being able to see what both Chase and Ari are thinking in each situation.

There are so many different situations that they are put in, and it was interesting to see how each of them handled them. The difference in this book is that Chase really seems to have grown up and learned his lesson with Ari, and is surprisingly the more mature of the two of them.

“She’s my other half, my everything, and there is no future for me that doesn’t have her by my side.”

I have to admit that the situation Ari finds herself in I never saw coming at all. I think Isabelle Richards did an amazing job in portraying each character, even the secondary ones, true to how many of us would react to the obstacles thrown at them.

About Isabelle Richards

Isabelle Richards spent years as a speech writer before attempting to write fiction. An avid reader of all genres, Isabelle is drawn to romance novels as they provide an escape from daily life. Through her complex cast of characters, Isabelle creates a sanctuary for readers to dive into for a break from reality.

When she is not writing, Isabelle works as an advocate for persons with disabilities in Washington, DC. Her two yellow labs are her writing partners, although they frequently sleep on the

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