New Release and My Review: Teach Me Dirty by Jade West

New Release and My Review:  Teach Me Dirty by Jade WestTeach Me Dirty by Jade West
Genres: Erotic, Romance, Student Teacher, Taboo
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They tell me it’s unhealthy, just a stupid crush. They tell me it’s infatuation, and will never come to anything. Never mean anything.
Because what would I know, right?
I haven’t even finished school. I’m just a silly little girl.

And no little girl should want the things I want from him.
No little girl should have the thoughts I have…

But they’re wrong.
I really do love Mr Roberts.
I love Mr Roberts because he’s the most amazing man, the most amazing artist, the most amazing teacher that could ever have existed.

And what if… just what if Mr Roberts wants me, too?
What if Mr Roberts really does want to Teach Me Dirty?

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Review

“Teenage girls are anything but innocent. Teenage girls are tenacious little vixens, skilled in witchcraft and laced with fairy dust and sin.”

Teach Me Dirty by Author Jade West is an erotic, taboo student-teacher romance. It is my initiating read into the world of this author’s books.

“…there isn’t so much black and white in the world as there are colours. So many different colours. And sometimes things don’t fall into boxes, and what’s the point in forcing them.”

Mark Roberts is Helen Palmer’s high school art teacher. Since she met him in her first year of high school, she held him in high regards and fantasized about him becoming more than just the one that assisted her in honing her craft. Mark has always noticed Helen, but he is also aware that she is his student, and there are just some lines that one does not cross. As Helen enters her final year of schooling, she knows her greatest regret would be to never experience more with Mr. Roberts than holding a space in his classroom.  And so the story begins.

“She was beauty, and life, and soul. She was the promise in the morning light and the curious shadow of twilight. She was the ghost of winter in the autumn shade. She was the green of freshly mown grass, and the scent of cinnamon on the breeze. She was indigo pink, and rain on my cheeks. She was a sacred treasure and nothing less.”

When I opened this book, my palms became sweaty, my heart-rate spiked, and my expectation meter dinged at the top floor.  So much about this book would scream “NO!” to many people. But, as a lover of this sub-genre, I have to disagree. Everything about this book resounded with a wide-open “YES!”. The way in which the characters came to discover each other’s feelings, the mutual respect they had for their reciprocal passion in art, and the warmth of words that were laid bare on the page exposing their innermost thoughts and outward attractions. Each of these fragments were masterfully designed to fit together and present a story of boundless proportions. It was an insatiable read. The internal war between innocence, escapism, and eroticism being so much more than I expected.

“I feel like I might burst. Like my heart might explode, like they could cut me and I’d bleed you, because you’re all the way inside.”

Soon after one of the turning points in the story, I felt my heart quickly open and a million points of light rush in from our hero and heroine. I could not stop smiling as I basked in the warmth and light that the cocoon of their tenderness provided.  I was enraptured during their passion-driven moments, feeling the want and burning desire they shared. It was intense and sensual. Their love was a balm for their reciprocal souls, a salve to quicken the healing of their fragile and once imperfect hearts.

“I felt ensnared by something out of my control, compelled by some longing stronger than me, stronger than reason and sense and professionalism. It wasn’t loneliness. It wasn’t lust either. And it wasn’t some fantastical need for escapism, because everything that made my heart pound was all right there, right it front of me.”

Entering into the last fifteen percent of this book was like being in my own personal torture chamber. My fear raised its ugly head as I frantically pondered if there were enough pages remaining to bring finality to this book and give me an HEA. But, I made it, and coming to the end, I was breathless. It was raw. It was unhindered. It was glorious. I will forever cherish this book and the beauty it held in bringing an escape beyond measure.

“I didn’t know being in love with you could feel like this. I didn’t know I’d want to crawl inside your skin and stay there, and be part of you, and never leave.”

5 Stars

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