Release Day Blitz and Review: A Touch of Darkness by Yelena Casale and Tina Moss

Release Day Blitz and Review:  A Touch of Darkness by Yelena Casale and Tina MossA Touch of Darkness by Tina Moss, Yelena Casale
Published by City Owl Press Publication Date: 03/02/15
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy
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Cassie Durrett dreams of the darkness. And lives the nightmare. She's working for a tightwad boss at a pretentious NYC diner, dealing with paralyzing pain that doctors can’t diagnose, and trying to hide her hands that glow purple whenever she ...well, whenever.

So, when mystery man, Gabe, walks out of her dreams and into her life to spout some nonsense about her being a mythical creature, she chalks it up to one more crazy thing to add to her it’s-a-crappy-life list. Yet, when his predictions start to come true, she'll need his help to beat back the darkness-spawned creatures invading her reality.

Pretty soon Gabe has her running half way across the country in search of answers. As a bond grows between them, Cassie worries not about losing her mind to the paranormal madness, nor her life to hellish monsters. Rather her deepest fear is surrendering her heart to a powerful man fallen from grace.

FIRST PLACE in 2014 Readers' Crown Award for urban fantasy.

FIRST PLACE in Central Florida RWA's Touch of Magic contest for paranormal romance.

I received this book for free from Authors in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Yelena Casale and Tina Moss have given us an enjoyable pararnormal, urban-fantasy read that allows us to take a deeper look into the unknown and what-ifs.  


She watched her parents die. Now she is trying to make sense of her life and the peculiar features that it carries.  She is changing, daily, and has no idea the reasons why.  She just wants to be a typical young lady with friends and a future.


Zoey and Cassie are best friends. They share most everything in their lives, including the mystery that envelopes Cassie.  Zoey does everything she can to support Cassie and help in unraveling the mystery that surrounds the changes she is encountering.  


The man in the shadows. He’s on a mission, and he’s not happy about it. Because of a poor decision he is now tasked with being Cassie’s guardian. He is not prepared for the direction this venture will take him, but will do all he can to insure that he is restored to his rightful place.  

The tone of the story is set from the beginning, time is of the essence. There are many unknowns that must be investigated in order to fully understand the lives of our main characters.  Gabe is learning about the differences in being an angel and a human. Cassie is intent on discovering what makes her different. We have the opportunity to watch as the dangers and mysteries that surround them are made known and their impact felt.  The twists and turns that occur bring us closer to answers and realities that are beyond this world. Lining all of these mysteries is a connection between Gabe and Cassie that cannot be ignored.

I love to have the opportunity to read paranormal books. The authors have written an intriguing story with likable characters and an interesting story line.  I initially had so many questions that frustrated me.  But, continuing to read the story, these were answered slowly and methodically.  The relationship that developed between Gabe and Cassie added excitement and a larger draw to the story.  I am happy to have had the opportunity to read.  

3.5 Stars

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    1. Ella said:

      So happy to have been able to read! Thanks for the opportunity!


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