Review: Alpha & Omega by K. Webster

Review: Alpha & Omega by K. WebsterAlpha & Omega by K. Webster
Series: Alpha & Omega #1
Publication Date: February 16, 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Paranormal, Paranormal/Fantasy, Romance
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For six years, a tough wannabe guardian angel named Alpha has worked hard to prove his worth at HEA Corp. His partner, Omega, has been with him every step of the way. Known affectionately by the other ladies in their sector as Hottie and Dreamy, they’re the dynamic duo and a sure bet to become Seraph Guardians and get their wings. The elite SG protect the good souls of Earth from meeting untimely deaths.

Currently, Alpha and Omega are Minders who protect the not so innocent until HEL Enterprises, HEA’s sister company, sends their Reapers to collect what’s theirs. As training ends, the partners are made aware of their final assignment.
Lark Miller.

Alpha has read her file—she’s the worst of the worst—a drug addict loser with a dark, hidden past. On his final assignment, not only do they change the rules of the game by stripping these Minders of their powers and extending the terms of their protection, but they also send in one of HEL’s top Levarthians, a spicy Latina named Lovenia, to shake things up.

Alpha and Omega know they have to keep their heads in the game and their hearts free from distraction.

But what happens when a Minder develops feelings for the one they’re supposed to protect? What happens when the rules become unclear and things aren’t what they seem?

Will Alpha and Omega fly through this one last challenge and fulfill their destiny? Or is there a warm place waiting in the basement of HEL just for them should they fail?

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


“I’ve given you my tiny heart. And though it may be little, it will need the most protection of all.”

Alpha & Omega reached inside of me and touched my very soul. Enduring love is what everyone wants. Love that will span life, death, and eternity. This is the story of Alpha and Lark.

Alpha is a Minder on his way to the top. He was once a human, but is now tasked with the work of protecting them. His partner is Omega and they are making a name for themselves.  “Dreamy” and “Hottie”, those names are mentioned and we know that we are talking major eye candy!  They are part of the elite in their work and on the playing field. But while Omega draws all of the ladies and thrives on it, Alpha has a goal in mind and will do whatever necessary to achieve it.  Both currently work for the HEA, and much prefer that over the alternative of HEL.

“Failure is not an option because I’d die before ever working for the other side, which is exactly what would happen.”

We enter the story at a critical point for our Dream Team.  It’s time for them to go on their final assignment before acquiring their wings.  We listen as they are told by Pallas, an SG officer, the parameters of their final assignment. They are also enlightened as to changes they must go through in their final task, which comes as a shock to them, but gives us the initial feeling that a downfall is a possibility.  They are determined to conquer this last test, regardless of the people or circumstances involved. Alpha is to protect and guard Lark until the end of a defined time, and Omega is to do the same for Pedro.  The wrench in the works is Lovenia, the Leviathin.  She works for the HEL and is also Omega’s long standing frenemy with benefits. She is sharp, sassy, and devilish.  We can just imagine what her goal is…to ruin any chance of good coming from this situation.  Yep, she’s the devil in disguise.

“Save your arrows, Cupid.  I don’t fall in love. You’d have to have a heart left for that.”

Leaving that heavenly place, we get out first glimpse of our female heroine, Lark.  She is a tattooist. Everything she does is to support her habit. She has no family that she acknowledges, and lives in a state of depression. Her first meeting with the Dream Team is as her saviors, rescuing her from her crazy neighbor, Pedro.  And what an introduction it is!  Alpha immediately gets under her skin, and he is drawn to her as well.  It is at that moment, that we begin to hear his internal confessions for the misgivings of this assignment…Lark Miller…everything her. He describes for us her beauty, her sadness, and we know he is headed to HEL in a hand-basket with a Lark bow on top. She ignites something in him and sets him aflame. She will be the death of him!

“Sometimes an angel is found in the dark.”

Because of the information that Alpha was previously given regarding Lark, we find him totally unprepared for his outing with her the next morning.  He follows her into what he assumes will feed her “habit”, but is shocked by what he witnesses when he arrives. Lark becomes our guide through this part of her life.  It is her “favorite high” for which she has sacrificed everything.   As the day progresses, we go various places, learning more about our characters along the way.  Lark gives us enough information about her life so that we can be empathetic toward her, but stops before allowing us to feel sorrowful for her. Alpha is once again reminded that this is just an assignment, to keep his eyes on the prize.

“I want wings. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

What proceeds was one of my favorite scenes in the book, as it was brilliant foreshadowing and symbolism offered by Author K. Webster.  The setting was the tattoo parlor in which Lark worked. Her client is Alpha.  Things seem to be going well for them, and I am content with the direction that the story is taking.  But this day is unlike any other they have spent together thus far. For me, it was one of Alpha’s most vulnerable moments, the admission of his hopes and dreams, and the realization that these dreams may be met, but in a different manner than he originally anticipated.  Soon after this I am broken. I feel a deep sadness and longing for Lark.  Her life could have, should have been so different. I feels as though I am an uninvited guest in the room watching as Lark lifts the covering off her past exposing her most painful and deepest sorrows. I am caught up in a whirlwind of emotion as this shift takes place, marking an end and a beginning.  It’s like Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit all over again. And I’m waiting for that slippery snake. But maybe the snake is only part of the picture, as words find their way to the forefront and are swallowed up by despair.

“This man in front of me ruins everything.  He messes up my carefully constructed world that protects the most vulnerable piece of me – my heart.”

We continue to watch as Lark is slowly cocooned in all things Alpha. Reading her inner turmoil and continual longing for answers from the past, present, and future causes us to feel somewhat unsteady.

We find that these questions don’t always come with easy answers.  It is apparent that neither of our main characters is prepared for the mind-numbing mysteries that surface, or for the interactions they will have in order to try and find a path out of this maze.  We are fractured and rent into pieces, then carefully and wonderfully put back together again.

Alpha & Omega was one of the most exquisite paranormal books I have read. It was beauty and grace. My heart had no choice but to be pulled into this story. It started with “Hottie and Dreamy”, advanced with Lark and Alpha’s first meeting, and was fully lost at “God is Beautiful” and the fact that “sometimes an angel is found in the dark.”  Throughout the entire book the undercurrent in my emotional state was rocked and made me misty-eyed. It was the work that Lark did, the compelling nature of Alpha, her past hurts and pains, and his sacrifices.  The side story of Omega and Lovenia constantly kept me on my toes. I never knew what crazy thing they would do or say next.  And the ending…that ending left me absolutely breathless.

A quote from Alpha & Omega that I loved when reading the book and felt for it while writing this review…

“Words are extensions of our souls. Some people have the ability to let them out. I am one of those people, and you are worth the words.”

5 Stars

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