My Review: Beauty Mark by Stephie Walls

My Review:  Beauty Mark by Stephie WallsBeauty Mark by Stephie Walls
Publication Date: November 20, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
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A soaring career...
A fractured heart...
Left in shattered shards of stained glass.

Aspiring author, Callie Clark, finally achieves her most-coveted goal, landing a contract in a highly sought-after publishing company. Reeling from the pain of a broken heart, Callie puts her love life on hold.

Focused solely on her career, the dream she’s faithfully held onto becomes taunting, and the higher she climbs, the faster she falls.

When tragedy winds itself through triumph, Callie learns to open her heart again. But it might be too late when a visitor from her past resurfaces and threatens the dream she clings to.

My Review

Beauty Mark by Author Stephie Walls is a friends-to-lovers romance novel.

He’s the beauty and the sport, the beginning and the end. Everything about him leaves imprints on my life.

Callie was once naive and in love, but her heart was broken and she swore to never again open that door. Fast forward, and life has thrown Callie some curve balls she didn’t expect, but the most significant one is discovering there is a man she can’t live without.

“When I think back to all the scars I allowed to define me, I’m amazed at where I ended up.”

What could be better than a read that plunges you headfirst into the book world with all of its intricacies of signings and fans? What’s better? A novel that does that AND has a fabulous story line, amazing cast of characters, and makes you hunger for more with each turn of the page. Beauty Mark was this book. Callie was fragile and delicate, but so fiercely loyal to her friends. The addition of Liam to her life was a treasure for her, no character would have been a better fit for her. He was loyal, loving, and protective, making me fall for him often and hard.

“Nothing’s broken that can’t be fixed.”

There were so many facets and layers to this story. Reading it was like going to watch a Cirque De Soleil show, there was never just one thing occurring at a time and you didn’t want to take your eyes away from the attraction for fear you’d miss something. The level of angst caused an ache in my heart and tension in my entire being. It was amazing how one minute I could love a character and the next want to throttle or choke them.

At the end of this novel. I just wanted to sit and bask in the perfection. Not a book hangover. It was more like being sated by a book that just gave you so much more than what you expected, and you didn’t want to to let it go.

Beauty Mark was an exceptional novel from cover to cover that made my heart pound, break, and glow. I loved this escape!

“These are the moments that leave marks on your heart. Savor it, remember the details, sear it into your memory.”

5 Stars

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