My Review: A Better Place by Jennifer Van Wyk

My Review:  A Better Place by Jennifer Van WykA Better Place by Jennifer Van Wyk
Publication Date: August 7, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Second Chance Romance
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After James Cole's wife walked out on him, he put his dreams aside to raise his daughter. But now she's grown and he's ready for more.

When the opportunity arises to own a restaurant, his life-long dream, he can't deny that it's meant to be. And for more reasons than one.

He’s kept his heart closed off since the day his wife walked away. He’s never found someone who he thought was worth opening himself up to. But one look at her, and he knew she was everything.

Carly Hanson has a secret. A secret only she and her teenage son, Jack, know about. She's built a new life but kept herself carefully guarded.

The day Carly stumbled, literally, into James, her world was turned upside down. She tries to keep him strictly as a friend, but he's relentless in his pursuit. Can he break down the walls she's so firmly built? Can he get her to join him in... A Better Place?

My Review

A Better Place by Jennifer Van Wyk is a second-chance-at-love novel.

“The reason I never moved on was because you were my only chance at moving on, and I simply hadn’t met you yet.”

James and Carly have both experienced tragedy in their lives. Each scenario has been different, but the end result the same. Neither are looking for love.  They are just living. One day at a time.  One more moment alone.

“A man’s heart, when it’s full of malevolence, tends to seep into the outside.”

It’s true that the first moments on a book can make or break it for a reader.  How about when the first moments make you gasp, shutter, cringe, and fume?  Oh my gosh!  Vindication blinded my vision and I knew that, for Carly’s sake, things had to pick up in her life.  She was worth more, and I couldn’t wait for her to find it.

“Well, there go my ovaries.”

Once again, Author Jennifer Van Wyk created a warm, family-filled and fun environment with lovable characters that just made me feel at home.  I loved that Carly was a fragile, real-to-life character. I connected to her with such ease, like a long-time friend.  James was his own natural attraction, with his migratory southern ways, his rockin’ bod, and sweet and tangy way with Carly. He was one of those male characters that you fall for…every five seconds in the story.  He was absolutely the most perfect elixir for Carly’s lack of male companionship.

“I’m falling, baby. Hard.” “Yeah?” “I am. You feeling any of that?” “All of that,” she tells me, her voice trembling. “I’m really glad.” “I’m sorry for making you question that. I’m sorry for making you wait.” “Worth every single moment of wait, Carly. Every single one.”

It was endearing to see more mature love, young love, renewed love, and fresh love displayed throughout the story.  When Carly and James finally gave all of themselves to one another, it was a spiritual moment.  Such beauty and devotion.

“He knows he has my heart, and he’s never going to give it back. And I know I have his, and I hope like hell he sees the same thing in my eyes.”

I absolutely LOVED this story.  A Better Place was filled with family and fun, smiles and laughter, heat and passion.  It was a refreshing novel that gave a cherished second chance at love to two characters who had my heart from page one.  I swooned CONTINUALLY for James and was elated for Carly that she was given the gift of this amazing man.

“For years I gave my heart only to Lily. I kept myself closed off, not allowing anyone in. But what I didn’t know was that I was just in a holding pattern, waiting for Carly. Waiting for us both to be in… a better place.”



5 Stars


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