My Review: Born, Darkly by Trisha Wolfe

My Review:  Born, Darkly by Trisha WolfeBorn, Darkly by Trisha Wolfe
Series: Darkly, Madly #2
Publication Date: February 2, 2018
Genres: Psychological, Romance, Suspense, Thriller


Duet: a performance by two.

But who is acting, and who is devolving?

A buried past is unearthed, and Grayson Sullivan—AKA The Angel of Maine—retaliates against the system who made him, deploying psychological warfare on the woman who initially set him free. Dr. London Noble probes deep into the mind of the killer she’s fallen for, searching for answers, as a copycat killer threatens their unity. Are they partners, lovers, or enemies? One final trap will reveal all.

My Review

Born, Madly by Author Trisha Wolfe is the conclusion to the Dark, Madly Duet. It is a dark romance novel and should only be read after reading book one in this series.

“I need an antihero to complete me. A man that looks beneath my surface into the black abyss of my soul and licks his lips, ravenous to devour me.”

Grayson and London were the most unlikely pair in Born, Darkly. I think that’s one of the things that makes their pairing so attractive. We all KNOW Grayson is hot crazy. But we would have assumed London was not. Good girl, bad boy. But really bad boy, bad girl in hiding. Double the sizzle and double the madness. And it continues in Born, Madly.

“She’s fire and life. She brings color to my world. I’ve been waiting a lifetime for her without even realizing she was the missing part of me. Flesh of my flesh.”

I loved that this novel was written in dual points of view. From both London and Grayson, we can see the change from book one until now, and the juxtaposition of emotions these changes have caused. It was fascinating to be plunged into both of their minds, see what crazies came out, and from whom they would spring forth. Who was playing whom? Was anyone being played? And if so, what did this mean? What was the outcome, the purpose?

“We were not born the day we took our first breath. We were born the moment we stole it.”

This entire story was a slow build of uncertainty. I’m not sure that I took a breath during the last twenty percent. Words stole the oxygen from the air and the only movements were my eyes in reading and hands in turning the page.

“My sick matches your sick.”

Born, Madly was an intricate plotting of suspense and mind-bending chills with a side of heated sexual thrills. The writing, that was both sophisticated and cunning, lured us into the novel and held us by our vitals.

“Not all demons are born to the dark. And not all angels seek the light. Sometimes our circumstance demands a fusion of both. There is no good and evil. Only the time spent between both heaven and hell, where we find our peace. And love. Even the vilest of monsters deserve to be loved.”

4.5 Stars

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