My Review: The Elder by Celia Aaron

My Review:  The Elder by Celia AaronThe Elder by Celia Aaron
Publication Date: February 6, 2018
Genres: Erotic, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Thriller
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A shocking murder.
A suspicious son.
A dedicated detective.
In Azalea, Mississippi, the only thing hotter than the summer days are the men of the King family. When the patriarch Randall King is found dead, Detective Arabella Matthews will race the clock to stop the killer from striking again. Benton, the eldest of the King siblings, has to decide if he wants to cooperate with the feisty detective or conduct his own investigation. The more he finds out about his father—and the closer he gets to Arabella—the more he wants to keep her safe. But the killer has different plans . . .

My Review

The Elder is a mystery romance novel. It is a standalone.

“You can’t just walk into my life and fit, just like I couldn’t do that to yours. We are pieces to entirely different puzzles.”

Sherlock Holmes meet Arabella Matthews. She’s a detective for her local police department in Azalaea, Mississippi, where they rarely see much action. Benton King is a high-powered attorney in the same small town. But small town occupancy is where their similarities end. He’s from money, she has fought for all she has. He is future sure and secure, she is day-by-day reliant. Neither of their futures is what they believe when things start happening in their small town.

The Elder was a suspenseful “who done it” novel that kept us thinking with the introduction of every small-town person. The setting gave it that Mayberry kind of feel, but the story’s actions catapulted it into a completely different place. As is generally expected in novels by this author, words were thoughtfully crafted to stealthily trickle in pieces and parts of an intricately woven plot. I was on constant alert and the gears in my brain were pumping out some serious smoke as I attempted to connect all of the dots, make the right associations, and solve the riddle before Author Celia Aaron revealed it.

Just as the overall story was a soft-paced intent to thrill, so were the developments amongst our characters. I loved meeting the King brothers. Both had their own distinct charm and swagger. But, Benton stole the show in this one. He was soft and hard, intense and tender. The perfect compliment to Arabella’s confident and protective nature. Their romance evolved just as problems threatened to overwhelm.

Distinct in its pace and storyline, The Elder was a hold your breath, keep your eyes wide open novel. Another great addition to this author’s writing repertoire.

4 Stars

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