Review: For the Love of Raindrops by Beth Michele

Review:  For the Love of Raindrops by Beth MicheleFor the Love of Raindrops by Beth Michele
Publication Date: April 5, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Friends to Lovers, New Adult, Romance
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A Best Friends to Lovers Story...

I fell in love with her when I was just a boy.

And then I never fell out of love. I just fell deeper.

But she has everything. She is everything. And I have nothing to offer her. Except my heart.

Sometimes the guy gets the girl, and they live happily ever after. I wanted to be that guy, you know? Especially since I can't imagine ever loving anyone else.

Right after I work up the courage to tell her, my world gets torn apart. My dream becomes my worst nightmare.

I wish I could go back in time. I wish I had told her sooner.

But most of all...I wish it would rain again.

This novel spans Coming of Age, Young Adult, and New Adult genres. A full-length Standalone novel that does contain mature language and some sexual situations, and may also contain some potential emotional triggers. (less)

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

Guest Review by Melody Dawn

From the beginning of For the Love of Raindrops, my heart was engaged. Sometimes I can read a book and it’s interesting to me, but when I’m all in including my emotions, I know this is going to be a great book. Dylan and Evie have grown up together and have done everything from eating worms to comforting each other through terrible childhood sadness and loss. At times, I thought, this is too much for these two to handle. How are they ever going to let go of all of these things to have a romantic relationship?  What I was missing is that they didn’t need to let it go because these are the things that bound them together. I wanted them to get together so badly. There were times I was saying out loud, “NO, don’t say that or do that!” When they finally let their feelings out, I was so overjoyed…I just knew nothing could stop these two. Little did I know what was waiting around the corner…it was mind-blowing! All I will say is that true love prevails even when we think there is no hope and we lose hope in the one we love the most. I feel so privileged to watch these two grow from little ones to the adults they became and the beautiful relationship they formed.

I love all of Beth Michele’s books and this is no exception. It has been a couple of days since I read it and I am still thinking about the book and the characters involved in it. I didn’t say it in the first paragraph, but along with Dylan and Evie, the side characters are just as fantastic and I am hoping to read their story as well. I don’t think I can say enough positive things about this book.The best thing you can do is go and get it for yourself…then you will know what I mean. Congratulations Beth Michele…you have created a work of art! I will be rereading this for a long time to come.

5 Stars

About Beth Michele

Beth Michele is the author of Love Love, Lovely, Scarred Beautiful, and Finding Autumn. She is a Connecticut native who loves spending time with her husband and two children. If you can’t find her, though, she’s probably hiding out with her kindle anywhere she can find a quiet spot. She has an affinity for Twizzlers and is a hopeless romantic and a happily ever after fanatic.

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