My Review: Frayed Silk by Ella Fields

My Review:  Frayed Silk by Ella FieldsFrayed Silk by Ella Fields
Publication Date: June 30, 2017
Genres: Affair, Love Triangle, Romance
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Our marriage wasn't just in trouble—mere threads were all that held it together.
What was once my perfect happily ever after had dissolved right before my eyes.
I can tell you when it started to happen.
What I can't tell you is why.
And after seven months of watching my husband turn into someone I didn't recognize, I'd given up hope in finding answers.

So I decided to break his heart
... and he did nothing to stop me.

My Review

Frayed Silk by Ella Fields is a forbidden romance, affair novel.

“Memories are funny things. Some are so palpable that you feel as if you’re right there, experiencing everything all over again. The scents, tastes, the weather, the sliding of skin on skin, and the feelings that made your heart swell double in size.”

Leo and Dahlia have always been each other’s past, present, and future. But, as of late, they can’t seem to connect. They’ve lost touch with each other, and Lia is spiraling down a dark path. But a moment in time could be a game-changer.

“I can’t keep waiting on him. I can’t keep hanging on by a frayed thread. I think it needs to snap, once and for all. Let the pieces fall where they may.”

Most times, in books of this particular trope, I pick sides. I have a clear picture of who should be with whom and have reasoned out why. So for me, the most fascinating aspect of this novel was the air of mystery that constantly kept me second-guessing myself. The web of lies and deceit was so thick, it was hard to see the truth…until it smacked me in the face. And then I was dumb-founded and broken. I wanted cry and hit something, scream loudly into the wind and hope it traveled to the one for whom it was intended, the one who made my mind race with ways in which to off someone and bury their body in the woods. My gosh! It was totally twisted. But, one of the best twists I have read in this trope.

All of the characters played an integral part in making this novel one that burned in my mind. In addition to the main characters though, there was a secondary character that really caught my attention. I loved Dahlia’s sidekick, Lola. She was a best friend straight out of my dreams; speak the truth, take no crap, got your girl’s back no matter what. She was her Melissa McCarthy. With all of the serious and angst-driven tones to the story, Lola was the unwavering calm and comic relief.

” I need to decide if I’ll give up and continue to let the pieces keep falling, or if I’ll fight for what’s left of my heart, for the other half of my soul, and try to knit them all back together somehow.”

Many of my reader friends shy away from books with affairs in them. I know it’s a trigger for some readers. But I recommend that, no matter your thought on this matter, you give this novel I try. You will never know what hit you. It is worth the risk. It is a fragile love story that will keep you coming back for more.

Frayed Silk, the debut novel by Author Ella Fields, was a daring voyage into the unknown with shocking surprises and sweet forevers.

4.5 Stars

About Ella Fields

Ella Fields is a mother and wife who lives in the land Down Under. While her kids are in school, you might find her talking about her characters and books to her two cats. She's a notorious chocolate and notebook hoarder who enjoys creating hard-won happily ever afters.

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