My Review: Healing the Broken by K. Street

My Review:  Healing the Broken by K. StreetHealing the Broken by K. Street
Publication Date: January 27, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Second Chance Romance


Strength is born during the moments that are meant to break us.
Monsters didn’t just exist in nightmares.
They were real; they lived among us. As the sole witness to a brutal murder, Ryann Sinclair knew that better than anyone.

He’d been burned once, and Cashel Donovan swore it was the last time.
Until Ryann Sinclair walked back into his life.
She was fiercely protective of her heart, and he was hell-bent on protecting her.
Never one to back down from a challenge, he was determined to break her.
Just so he could be the one to put her back together.

My Review

Healing the Broken by Author K. Street is her debut novel and is filled with second chances at love.

“She’s like a drug, and I’m chasing the ultimate high.”

Cash and Ryann both have circumstances in their past that have shaped and formed them into the people they are today. They once had a short fling of young lust. When they finally see each other again, a soft whisper hints at their brief time of small firsts and a possible reconnection for the future.

I like to play with fire, but any arsonist worth their choice of accelerant knows when to walk away.

Told in dual points of view, Healing the Broken opened my heart to Cash and Ryann and allowed me to experience their lives’ best and worst moments. Character representation can make or break a story. In Healing, Author K. Street gave us a strong, vivacious, and independent female heroine. This was paired with an equally fierce and swoon-worthy male character that wanted to be Ryann’s sweet protector. The magnetic attraction of these two rekindled a spark that had never quite gone out, but instead grew in a magnitude that was scorching hot!

“If I let him love me, he’ll only break me, and there isn’t anything left to break. I’m a mass of fragments, a pile of brokenness that will take more than a lifetime to piece back together.”

Out of the gate, this story grabbed my attention. After that, there were some sections, on occasion, that seemed a bit slower in their development. However, the further the story progressed, the more intense and cohesive the writing became. It also led to a major shocking moment, which gave my brain and body a jolt, but totally fit in the story, giving it an interesting and daring direction. All of this culminated into a beautiful HEA that felt like a rain on a hot summer’s day.

Healing the Broken was an emotionally-charged and hope-filled novel infused with some of the unexpected. A welcome debut novel from Author K. Street.

“Strength is born during the moments that are meant to break us.”

3.5 Stars

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