My Review: Marx Girl by T. L. Swan

My Review:  Marx Girl by T. L. SwanMarx Girl Publication Date: January 28, 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Military, Romance
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We met five years ago when I was her family’s bodyguard.
Our time together was a secret.
Her touch was different…. addictive.
I fell hard and fast and then I left.
I’ve thought about her every day since.
As I sit here at a wedding watching her with her new boyfriend... I have regrets.
Regrets for the past things I’ve done.
But I won’t regret what I’m about to do.
She's telling me no but her body's telling me yes.
I need her beneath me.
I’m having her tonight.

It’s the little things I remember about Ben.
His smile and the icing sugar he had on his pancakes.
What started out as private jokes between us soon turned into private visits.
The quiet man at the back of the crowd.
His dry wit made me laugh.
His dominant body ruined me forever
He never told me he loved me, until he was leaving.
That was five years ago.
Things are looking up for me.
I met someone, someone special.
But Ben is back.
I find myself thinking about him... more than I should.
No matter how hard my heart is freefalling from my chest.
I will never go back there.
You only get to break my heart once.

My Review

Marx Girl by Author T. L. Swan is a military romance novel.

“The attraction between us wasn’t supposed to happen, but forbidden had never felt so good.”

Bridget and Ben had a scorching fire that burned the house and left everything in its ruins. He went his way and she had no choice but to stay and try to rebuild her life. When life looked more calm, stable, and Bridget was moving forward with a new man, Ben came back. HE CAME BACK!!!!!! And heck if we didn’t know that their chemistry would consume the planet.

“Ride me home, Didge. Show me what I’ve been missing.”

T. L. Swan really surprised me with this one. I didn’t see it coming..and I loved that aspect. Her novels are always filled with sexy, smoking hot moments, irresistible men, and just as appealing heroines. True to form, all of these pieces were in play. But, the twists and turns brought completely new elements to this love affair that wove in elements of mystery and suspense to drive the story at a thundering pace.

“He has the most beautiful body in the world… but it’s his soul that I love. The dominant alpha man who has shown me what it’s like to really love someone.”

My favorite part of Marx Girl was Ben. Good grief. One can’t help but love a good alpha male who is slow to love, but when he does gives it whole-heartedly and with all he is. Not only were we endeared to his soulful ways, we were also captivated by his sexual desire and the intensity with which he captured Bridget’s body. Holy hotness. His presence dominated this novel, giving us one heck of a fantasy on which to hang our dreams.

“I was born for this, to do this with him. To love him the way I do. Nothing else matters when I’m in his arms and his body is inside mine.”

Heart pounding, sexy, and alive, Marx Girl gave a second chance for friends to become all they were meant to be.

“I will love him to infinity and beyond.”


4 Stars

About TL Swan

Lover of her husband, children, words, chocolate and margaritas.
When she is not writing her next novel, you will find her in a café drinking coffee with friends.
Writing is her passion.

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