My Review: A Message for Iris by Elda Lore

My Review:  A Message for Iris by Elda LoreA Message for Iris by Elda Lore
Publication Date: July 18, 2017
Genres: Paranormal/Fantasy


Indigo Ink is home on earth to Iris, but as a messenger for the gods, she leads a mysterious life. Producing colorful sketches on the skin fills her time before duty calls. Dear Iris is her other responsibility—giving advice to the lovelorn, her newest mission involves delivering a message to a human.

Find the one whose heart dances with the rain. Let love be his forgiveness.

Iris promises to take the challenge to heart, without realizing how close she is to the target.

Riordan deals only in black and white. Losing his fiancée tints his world to gray. With a new job, a new city, and a new outlook on life, he hopes to outrun his past. He doesn’t believe in rainbows and promises, but color blurs all that he thought true. When life is a storm, Riordan just might learn a little brightness clears the clouds and warms the heart.

My Review

A Message for Iris by Author Elda Lore is a short story in the Gods of Olympus Book 3.

“This girl wasn’t made for handshakes on the sidewalk. She deserved to dance in the rain under moonlight, but I wasn’t the guy for such romance. I was the type more likely to melt the pavement.”

Charlie Riordan is a man with a past that he’d rather leave behind.  That’s exactly what he did when he moved to Maui and began living with his younger brother.  Iris is the woman of his dreams that he will likely never have. But one glimpse at her and he is ready to break his rules.

“Without rain, nothing grows; embrace the storms of your life and learn from them.”

Although a fast read, this short story revealed a link between the hero and heroine that was a slow burn and held promises that would happen if they would give in and let fate be their guide. I loved that Iris and Riordan shared saucy, sexy, and laughable moments together.  This aspect showed so much of their character and caused an easy connection with me to each of them. The other-worldly element was a fascinating mix, not enough to overwhelm the story, but just enough to kick up the intrigue.  In typical Author Elda Lore style, we also had some great secondary characters that seemed to tie up all of the loose ends and keep our main characters on track.

“It can’t always be sunshine and rainbows. Let’s dance in the rain and make the bad weather beautiful, too.”

A Message for Iris was a sweet and refreshing story that gave Iris and Riordan their second chance at new love.


4 Stars

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