My Review: Play Along by TL Swan

My Review:  Play Along by TL SwanPlay Along by TL Swan
Publication Date: April 23, 2017
Genres: Dark, Romance
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I witnessed a murder and became his hostage.

Held captive beneath the deck of a shipping container…. I realise to save my life I need to become valuable.
My body is my only weapon.
His pleasure to my pain.

28 days is a long time to Play Along with his perverted demands.
He thinks I enjoy them.
It disgusts me that I secretly do.

I hate him.
I crave him.

But my mind is stronger than my body and this time he picked the wrong girl to mess with.
When the player becomes the played, escape will be my reality.

My Review

Play Along by T. L. Swan is a dark romance novel that is dark and naughty.

“…if you want to survive, you need to play along.”

If books had claws, Play Along would be packing them Freddy Krueger style.  Woah!  This book sank them in deep and quick and would not let go.

“…you are a part of me. You’re the part I can’t live without.”

Rochelle and Mac were quite the mysterious pair.  Meeting after a night gone wrong for both of them, they find themselves entranced with each other. Physically and emotionally, they take from one another as they also let go of small pieces of themselves and just live.

“I’m the gate keeper of Hell, baby. Welcome home.”

This story was so freakishly hot!  The arousal that drifted from the pages of the story was a tempting and sensuous treat.  These two could not get enough of each other.  Even when there weren’t touching, just with slight looks, the temperature rose to heat stroke levels.

The twists in the story were quite clever, not always dealing with the here and now.  This kept me vigorously reading and pondering how all of the pieces of this puzzle would come together. As each piece was precisely placed, I found myself experiencing emotions at moments that I did not expect:  sadness hilarity, and then more exhilaration. It was a fabulous race against the click until the end! I loved it!

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5 Stars

About TL Swan

Lover of her husband, children, words, chocolate and margaritas.
When she is not writing her next novel, you will find her in a café drinking coffee with friends.
Writing is her passion.

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