My Review: Play With Me, Baby by Fiona Davenport

My Review:  Play With Me, Baby by Fiona DavenportPlay With Me, Baby by Fiona Davenport
Series: ,
Publication Date: January 30, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance


Guy Rule: It's only stalking if you get caught.

Rhys Campbell doesn’t believe in love at first sight, until he sees Macy Holland in a coffee shop and finds himself stalking her across town… to a sex toy shop.

Macy isn’t sure what to think about Rhys, except that he’s sexy as sin in his custom suits and even hotter out of them with all his tatted up muscles. The sassy virgin finds herself quickly falling into his bed, but little does she know he’s playing for keeps.

Warning: If sexy heroes with tattoos and piercings make you want to bite your lip and do dirty on.

My Review

Play With Me, Baby by Author Fiona Davenport is a Yeah, Baby novella. This is a short story of insta-lust and other sweet and sexy surprises.

“…I can take care of myself and conjugal visits are not on my list of things to do before I die, so I suggest you curb your murderous impulses.“

Is mouth watering a good sign at the beginning of a novella?  Oh yes, it is!  I was only six pages in when the need to devour this story hit my senses and would not leave.  Rhys was the dominating caveman, all hot and brooding. But, the way he described his own physical attributes…bring the fan, crank it up on high, and feel it blow you away. Macy was a pint-size grenade.  Contained to herself, the fiery object was known and revered. But, when she was ignited, she was explosive and tantalizing.

“I protect and cherish what’s mine, angel.”

I loved this story’s development. It brought in other familiar characters that added depth and further understanding to our two main characters.  I have found that, in spite of story length, Author Fiona Davenport has become quite an expert in giving readers a legit storyline with an HEA you cannot live without. And of course it is impossible to have a Fiona Davenport book without copious amounts of love-making and sexy times.

Play With Me, Baby was a hot quickie that I inhaled with a cat-that-ate-the-canary expression on my face.  Good stuff!

4.5 Stars

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