Review: Shameless by Brynley Bush

Review: Shameless by Brynley BushShameless by Brynley Bush
Publication Date: February 10, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
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It started as a deception to catch a killer. It turned into a game of seduction. Will it end when a shocking secret threatens to tear them apart?

Sheltered good girl Victoria Raine has always wanted to be a little bad. Tired of living life safely on the sidelines, she summons the courage to forge a new path for herself and applies to the FBI, looking for adventure and something to fulfill her vague longing for something…more. She gets more than she bargained for with her first undercover assignment—posing as the girlfriend of country music’s bad boy, Drake Maddox, a lone wolf with a reputation for having singularly erotic tastes. Hoping to catch a serial killer that’s targeting women close to Drake, Tori’s job is to convince the public, and the killer, that she and the wickedly handsome superstar are an item.

Although their relationship is a sham, there’s nothing fake about the hidden desires the sexy as sin cowboy awakens in Tori. As the killer draws closer, Tori finds herself falling for the one man she can’t have.

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


“It’s like I wished on a star and found out he holds the constellations in his hands.”

Mmm…those utterly delicious Black brothers are back!  Brynley Bush has done it again!  I loved Matchless and Fearless, but I do believe that Drake Maddox sang me a love song and stole my heart!

“I may look sweet and innocent, but I’m an FBI agent.  I’m a card carrying badass.”

Tori is a new agent and has many hopes and aspirations of moving up in ranks. It is a great surprise to her when she is called for her first undercover job. She is briefed on the fine points of the case and Drake Maddox, the country singer superstar. She will be acting as his love interest to try and expose the person who is threatening him and causing women around him to disappear. She has recently broken up with her longtime boyfriend, Kyle, but has no qualms taking on the assignment of a fake lover, as Kyle was a bit consumed with himself and overlooked her need to thrive in her own career. We are also introduced to Tori’s mentor, Kate, who is strong, capable, and ready to help Tori take on the world.

“That man is hotter than a car in Texas in August.”

Drake Maddox is the country singer superstar that is about to unknowingly overwhelm Tori and take her to places she never imagined.  He wants to catch the person who has been trying to manipulate him and has killed and hurt women, but doesn’t realize that in the process, he may gain more than he thought possible.

A team is soon assembled and we are whisked away to the home of Drake Maddox where our two main characters first meet. What we observe can’t be explained as love at first sight, but a heavy lust is present. At their first meeting a dialogue is opened to speak and a challenge issued. Brynley Bush then gives us the opportunity get to know each of these characters. Through playful questioning, unabashed flirting, and common talk we find out their loves and losses in life. Sparks fly!!  But, there are some games played in life that have impenetrable rules. We find that, according to Tori, this is one of them. Time is everything with a killer on the lose and she won’t give up the assignment or Drake. So she begins digging for all things Drake and we can feel her determination to make this case have a positive outcome.

 “Despite my assertions that I would be immune to the sensual charm of Drake Maddox and the certain knowledge that he’s the poster child for smart women making bad choices, I have to admit it’s intoxicating being in his arms.”

Welcome to the first turning point in the game. It’s clear to see that after an unexpected visit and chat with Tori, Drake is now the master of the game, owns the bank, and controls the dice. He will have her and possess her, even if just for a while.  Tori is ready for this challenge in her life and wants to see where the road will take her. We watch as her limits are pushed and lines crossed, but marvel at the pleasure she allows herself to give and receive.

 “I want you to make love to me…more than I’ve ever wanted anything before.”

Every taste, lick, suck, nip, kiss, touch, caress and thrust ratchet up the hotness level, until we find ourselves in the midst of a five-alarm fire.  Soon, Tori and Drake’s escapades are splashed throughout the news. Their desire for one another is tangible and brings us to another level of want and hunger. The glimpse of tenderness we receive from Drake, and the wanton element in Tori is heady. He is her guide into finding herself like never before. And she is his kryptonite, taking the very life from him that he thinks holds him together. Every sexual command he gives her brings more arousal and makes our heartbeats escalate to an unsafe rhythm. But, as surreal as this is, it begs us to question if it is too good to be true.  After being able to experience Drake the sex god, we now have a chance to know him as the singer. It is through Tori’s eyes that we view his sweet and sexy country voice and the way that he owns the stage.  We then find ourselves traveling to Drake’s childhood home where we see familiar and endearing faces.  At this moment in the story, the game gets even hotter, this time taking us on a journey into the sun.

“Everything I did was supposed to send you running to safety. But then I didn’t want you to run.  I wanted you to stay and give me everything.  And I wanted to give you everything in return.”

Nearing the end of the story I found myself becoming overly anxious. It was the moment of truth for our county star and FBI butt-kicker. I needed a bag to breathe into and a stiff drink. Tori’s sudden clarity in her desire for Drake made me feel excited and all warm and gooey inside. As if I could not have any further visceral reactions, Drake surprises Tori during his show, and zip, just like that, I went from liquid to a vapor, only to be sucked up by the clouds and turned into rain, ruining my happy parade. I can feel ever piece of Tori’s shattering heart as it cracks and splinters into pieces. The revisiting of New York City had me in a tailspin and tied me in knots as I wondered when they would finally acknowledge the obvious. Verging on a near panic attack, I listened as Tori learned more facts about Drake and I knew in my knower what was happening   Suddenly I had the need to choke someone and bury the body. Coming through the most intense moments of Shameless, my fury was quieted and in its place the most beautiful feeling of bliss.

One of my favorite small elements of the story was when Tori and Drake were talking and she explained the meaning of her tattoo. What a beautiful saying. It was like the vanilla in a cake batter, you could do without it, but adding that special spice made it even better. I also thought that Brynley Bush used ingenious symbolism when Drake and Tori had their five minute war of the wills. What I read in that tug-of-war was the same in their emotional battle with each other. One would tug, then the other, but neither would give in. Other heart-warming moments that bound me to this story were the Tiffany bracelets, Drake’s tattoo, and bed-in guitar lessons…just mop me up off the floor.  Shameless was the perfect intoxicating mix of infatuation, uncontrollable cravings, desire, transformation, release, and devotion.

One of Tori’s thoughts at an exceptionally erotic moment in the book that reflects how I positively lost myself in Shameless…

“Ka-thunk. I’m a goner.”

5 Stars

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