My Review: Strangers by Stephie Walls

My Review:  Strangers by Stephie WallsStrangers by Stephie Walls
Publication Date: July 12, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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Strangers No connection. No acquaintance. In one night of passion with no expectations, strangers become intimately acquainted. Will one night of lust turn into their happy ever after? Is it simply lust or could it possibly be love at first site? A collection of short stories: four couples, one day, twenty-four passionate hours. Deuce When life takes a wrong turn, Alex does the only thing she can. She rides. Meeting Chris along the way is the icing on the cake. After so many years, Chris is shocked to see Alex again. What he introduces her to leaves her shocked to the core, yet aching for more. Flight Mila never expects the flight from hell to turn into an all night rendezvous that will leave her aching for more. Taking her body to heights she's never reached, Tyler makes sure she has a first-class experience. Caged Sasha Maxwell is a successful, albeit petulant ass with a chip on his shoulder. Claire Weston is an entitled princess with an axe to grind. Attempting to rid themselves of one another, and the inner demons that haunt them, their encounter is tempestuous. Traffic Shelby has it all – the looks, a beachfront apartment, the car, and … a boyfriend who leaves her to be swept away by the hurricane threatening their hometown. Mason is an innocent bystander coming to her rescue and getting much more than he bargains for. Some moments happen by chance; others are fleeting; on rare occasions they change your life. When two unlikely people meet while fleeing disaster, can their moment withstand life’s constraints or will it pass them by?

My Review

Strangers by Author Stephie Walls is a collection of tantalizing short stories.

“Where’re we heading?” he asks. “Down the road. You on a timetable?” “Nah, sweetheart. You’ve got me as long as you want me. You’re in control.”

I love reading books written by Stephie Walls.  Although Strangers was a slight departure from her full-length novels, it still represented her unique style of writing that always makes me ache for more.

“With my head on his shoulder, he makes love to my mouth while his cock speaks of lust to my center. The two areas conversing in a language they both perfectly understand: give and take, push and pull, grinding together in tandem in an effort to reach that peak. He never eases up; his steady pace increases as we both near the finish line.”

Each of these short stories had an interesting and attention-getting storyline.  The characters were super easy to fall for, and the insta-love sucked me right in. There was heat for days, like the Florida sun in summer, it burned bright with lasting effects.  Erotic by nature, these relationships went from zero to let-me-take-you-home-and bang-your-brains-out in no time. But, in true Stephie Walls fashion, she also gave the characters a gentle and caring side that made my heart melt and fall with theirs.

“Sweet sex is nice, but I crave something deeper, I need something more. If this is only going to be a one-night event, I want to feel it for days after. Every time I take a step, every time I sit, every move I make, I want to remember him taking me, controlling me, dominating me.”

Strangers offered quick and tasty bites of love and lust in the fast lane, with endings that made me applause.

“This isn’t about love; it’s unadulterated lust, and by the gleam in her eyes, it’s mutual.”


4 Stars

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