• Cover Reveal: Breaking the Limits by Brooke Cumberland

    Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.
That seems to be my lifelong theme. 
With a string of heartaches behind me, I’m no longer falling for their one-liners. 

When the opportunity arises to study abroad in London for a semester, I can’t pack my bags fast enough. 

Bringing a new outlook with me, 
I leave my broken heart and memories of the past behind and set out on the adventure of a lifetime.
One chance meeting leads to the hottest night of my life.
All I know is his name and that’s enough for me.
After all, isn’t that what one-night stands are all about? 

But everything changes that first day of class. 
The guy that I left without so much as a goodbye the morning after the most mind-blowing sex of my life is standing in front of me—introducing himself as Professor Cox.

Now I must sit in his class and pretend like nothing happened.
But that’s harder than it sounds.
What feels so right can only go wrong if I try breaking the limits of my already-broken heart.

  • New Release and Review: Pushing the Limits by Brooke Cumberland

    "I want to take the professor home and do very, very bad things to him. Very bad and inappropriate things."

    He’s my art professor.
    I’m his student.
    With an electric connection and undeniable chemistry, I know it won’t be long until one of us cracks.

    When the opportunity arises to pose naked for the entire art class, I can’t help the thrill of knowing he’ll be watching me.
    While they all look past me with their eyes narrowed and concentrated, drawing only the lines and angles of my body, he sees right through me down to my vulnerability.
    He sees more than just the physical aspects—he sees me.
    That’s when I see the struggle in his features as he tries to stay in control.

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