• Blog Tour and Guest Review: Noah’s Journey by Author C.A. Harms

    "The love of a Sawyer man is consuming and overpowering. You don't have a moment to feel neglected or lonely. They love every moment they're near you."

    The years that were taken can never be repaid.

    The memories stolen can never be returned.

    But I had to move forward…for him, my son.

    Noah had spent years wondering what he could have done differently. Wondering what he’d done wrong to make Stacey leave. The heartache from her absence and the what-ifs of their past eventually turned to anger—and then disgust.

  • Blog Tour: Ryan’s Love by C. A. Harms

    One of the hardest things I have ever had to do was bury my wife.

    The second hardest thing would be watching my twelve-year-old daughter fall to her knees as they lowered her mother into the ground to rest.

    A heart-wrenching vision that will forever be etched in my mind.

    Claire was my best friend—she had been since we were barely old enough to talk. I always knew, one day, I would marry her. I think I may have even told her that a few times while we were growing up.

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