• New Release and My Review: Waiting for Love by Dawn Stanton

    "Take my hand baby, I will pull you out."

    Professor Garrett Hanlon –
    Fantasies about him have consumed me since the first day of class. The fact that he’s my professor doesn’t seem to matter at all. There’s something between us, an attraction so powerful, so intense, that I can’t seem to keep my distance, even though I know I should…even though I know, he wants so much more from me than I’m willing to give. Is being with him worth ruining my entire academic future?

  • New Release: Waiting for Us by Dawn Stanton

    "I never want to give someone that much power over me again. I can't let myself be vulnerable. It's too devastating when it all goes south."

    Cory Marshall-
    I’ve been in love with him for almost half of my life. He’s my older brother’s best friend. He’s a player, a notorious heartbreaker…and now he wants a shot at mine.

    Marcus O’Connor-
    He’s been my best friend for as long as I can remember. He’s loyal, he’s compassionate…he’s beautiful.

    How can I possibly choose between one man who could break my heart and another who might make it whole?

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