• Release Blitz and Review: Deep Breath by J. M. Miller

    Before disappearing at sea, Marissa Pruitt’s father—a once revered marine archaeologist—walked the line of insanity, claiming to have seen a mermaid during an ordinary dive in the Gulf of Mexico. He abandoned his life and career, completely obsessed with chasing the truth.

    It’s been years since his death, and Marissa is still tormented by countless unanswered questions.

  • Review: Sever by J.M. Miller

    "It was strong and tender. Brave and fearful, joyous and tortured. It was perfect."

    One simple decision can end a future.

    One simple persuasion can sever a life.

    The moment Annisyn Kane slips her rake pick into the lock of a stranger’s door, the straight life she’s led the last few years is scratched out. In the past, the goal was never theft. It was to escape. From life. From death. To quiet the dreams that replayed an affliction she longed to forget. This night, though, was different. She was out of options.

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