• My Review: Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

    “I can feel him. It’s like we’re wrapped up together, the heat between us almost suffocating, and all he has to do is reach out and pull me into his arms. Take me. I wait. I’m yours. Just reach out and take me.”

    The more I find my path crossing hers, though, the more she’s becoming a part of me.
    But we’re not free to give into this. She’s nineteen, and I’m thirty-eight.
    And her boyfriend’s father.
    Unfortunately, they both just moved into my house.

  • My Review: 24690 by A. A. Dark

    “...with those words, I let myself shatter. My body shook with spasms and my heart swelled to heights I’d never imagined. True to his word, I became ruined for anyone else. I wasn’t a slave in our moment. I was his.”

    Buried deep below the everyday life of our society lives an underground world of nightmares—of violence and murder no one dares speak about. Contracts and laws weave the web of our culture together. Our Masters walk amongst us. They can be our friends, or the ones to make us disappear forever.

  • My Review: Buried in Lies by T. L. Smith

    “I didn’t just love her. She and I fell into the pages of that book and got lost in the words.”

    His lips told me he knew me.
    His hands touched like we were old lovers.
    His eyes held secrets of a past I’d never known.
    I was lost, you see.
    Lost as the flowers that grew in the meadow.
    The devil told me he knew me.
    But lies had a way of unraveling, even if we didn’t want them to.

  • My Review: The Edge of Heaven by Gia Riley

    “...for the first time in her life, she’s alive. She jumped from the edge of heaven and into forever.”

    When I said I would kill for her, I meant it. When I said I would die for her, I meant that, too.

    But protection comes with a price and so does my life.

  • My Review: Rebel Heir by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

    “You ever just look at someone and know that if you let them, they could turn your life upside down…completely ruin you?”

    How to kick off a great summer in the Hamptons:

    Snag a gorgeous rental on the beach. Check.

    Get a job at a trendy summer haunt. Check.

    How to screw up a great summer in the Hamptons:

    Fall for the one guy with a dark leather jacket, scruff on his face, and intense eyes that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the tony looking crowd.

  • My Review: The Maiden by Celia Aaron

    “My mind repeats the sins of this place, of Adam. But my body is forever changed and so, I fear, is my heart.”

    I joined the Cloister to find the truth. But I’ve discovered so much more, and the darkness here is seducing me, pulling me down until all I can think of is him. Adam Monroe…

  • My Review: What He Always Knew by Kandi Steiner

    “Like the writer who cannot live without the reader, and the rose that cannot exist without the rain, I am bound to you, to your love, and I cannot go on without it.”

    …I love them both.

    My heart is destined to exist in two equal halves — one with each man. But one half beats stronger, the vein running deepest, and holds my choice in silence long before I know it for myself.

  • My Review: The Wrong Side of Heaven by Gia Riley

    “I need everything about him. Each one of his qualities I want to keep in my pocket and pull out when I’m lonely and by myself. If I add them all up and tuck them close to my heart, maybe they’ll transfer over and give me the strength...”

    Some touched.
    Some watched.
    Some just talked to me.
    They all had their vices.

  • My Review: Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan

    “Ours is a love that reimagines—that peels back the sky at high noon searching for the stars, collecting them like shells in a bucket. We bathe in stardust, drink from the Milky Way, and dance on the moon. We pierce the firmament, peer into infinity, and tread on time and space. There is no before. There is no after. Now gives birth to forever.”

    Now there’s a new player in the game, August West.
    One of the NBA’s brightest stars.
    Fine. Forbidden.
    He wants me. I want him.
    But my past, my fraudulent prince, just won’t let me go.

  • My Review: Where Bad Girls Go To Fall by Holly Renee

    “I don’t cuddle during chick flicks. I need room to get all the feels.”

    Nothing good came from listening to my heart.
    It was careless and irrational and became way too invested when I read a romance novel.
    So I put her under lock and key.

  • My Review: Crazy Sexy Love by K. L. Grayson

    “You’re worth so much more than the buckle or the bull or the adrenaline rush. I can live without those things, but not without you...”

    My Review Crazy Sexy Love by Author K. L. Grayson is a standalone, second chance romance. “Claire and her mother know a little of what happened between Rhett and me, but they don’t know the whole story, and it’s going to stay that way. Some secrets are better left tucked away in a dark closet.” […]

  • My Review: What He Doesn’t Know by Kandi Steiner

    “A touch. A sigh. A man. A woman. Fingertips and lips. Moans and breaths. Old longings brought to life with new fervor, new discoveries uncovered with old, shaking hands. Freedom. Passion.”

    They say there are two sides to every story, and I suppose in most cases, that’s true. But the one I live inside of? It has three.

    On the northeast side of town, there is a house.
    But there is no longer a home.

  • My Review: Renner’s Rules by K. Webster

    “All it would take would be for me to lean in and kiss her supple lips.  One tiny kiss and I’d be so far down the rabbit hole, I’d never climb back out.”

    I’m a bad girl.
    I was sent away.
    New house. New rules. New school.
    Change was supposed to be…good.

    Until I met him.

    No one warned me Principal Renner would be so hot.

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