On the Rocks by Author Nicole Hart

On the Rocks by Author Nicole HartOn the Rocks by Nicole Hart
Publication Date: November 18, 2016
Genres: Romance, Suspense
Amazon Paperback


Desperate for change.
I knew I wouldn't find the answer in the bottom of a bottle but I walked into his bar anyway.
An accidental meeting...
The overwhelming urge to draw closer.
I knew it was wrong.
But the need was powerful.
The yearning was strong.
The gravitational pull too hard to resist.
So we gave in to temptation. But life isn't simple and nothing worth fighting for ever comes easy.

My Review

On the Rocks by Author Nicole Hart is a new standalone

I read the beginning of this novel in a short story format included in A Secret Affair anthology. Gage and Reese had a very interesting introduction to one another. Although the situation was not idea, they had off-the-charts chemistry. It definitely sparked my interest and made me want to know more about these characters. Thankfully, that’s what On the Rocks was set to showcase.

Life…it’s a funny thing. You never know where you’ll end up or who you’ll meet. But rest assured, it’s always exactly what you need. When you need it.

On the Rocks begins with a riveting prologue that made me gasp and sweat. The story progressed in much of the same manner. It was intense and thrilling. There were moments of complete and utter shock, my mind needing extra moments to process what had just occurred. However, Author Nicole Hart balanced this out by layering the story with spice and heat that further fueled the need to read. It was a fast, suspenseful, and steamy story, bringing together two out-of-the-ordinary characters and giving them their happily ever after.

4.5 Stars

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